3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Share Your "Number" with Your Partner

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

photo by DerrickTvia PhotoRee

"How many people have you slept with before me?"

Even the strongest relationships can develop crippling problems from sharing this intimate detail.  Maybe this is just my opinion (but after all, it is MY blog isn't it) but here are my top reasons why you shouldn't share that information.  

1.  It's No One Else's Business
Really, it's not.  It's something you did and it's your business.   The only other person that you should really tell would be your doctor but they obviously wouldn't repeat it, by law!

2.  It Can Cause Jealous/Unsettling Thoughts
Maybe it's because you can't change it, but once you know that number, it will torture you.   Especially if it's higher than your own.  You'll wonder who the people were, and how good they were.  And let's be honest, NO ONE likes to envision their partner with anyone else, but that's the only image that can really come from sharing this detail now isn't it.  

3.  It Shouldn't Matter 
It's literally just a number.  It's not a list of people that are better than you.  It's something from the past, and there's no way you can change it. As long as you and your partner are clean and in a committed relationship, the past and the number of partners you each have had, shouldn't matter and should never be shared.

So basically, the best answer when asked that question is "I'm sorry, that's something I don't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else, regardless of what my number is."  And if they keep pushing then remember "It shouldn't matter."  

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