Pawbox Review

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pawbox is a great way to keep you and your pet's life exciting with new toys and samples each month, all delivered in an adorable box.  For $10 a month you can get a handful of goodies and samples as well as coupons for the future!

Inside my February's Pawbox was:
Natural Balance Dog Food Roll:   It's great for giving your dog a healthy coat and great skin.  They are great to cut up for training treats and excellant for travelling, when you can reward your pooch for good behavior.  My pups thoroughly enjoyed this little treat!

Feelgood Treats:  They are crunchy and small and great for training or just a treat here and there each day.  Made from all natural organic ingredients, ythey are wheat, gluten, and preservative free so they won't give your dog any skin or coat problems.

Silver Lining Supplement: No need to worry about allergies with this stuff because it helps keep your dog's skin and coat gorgeous and it's very easy for them to consume.  Mine barely even noticed.

I Love My Dog Heart Magnet:  I brought this to work and hung it on my cabinet so everyone can see how crazy I am over my dogs!

Toy of the month: An adorable Cheetah Print Plush Bone with a squeaker in it.  This is Pixie's new favorite toy!

Oh and Grace protected this box with such honor!

1 comment:

  1. awww Grace looks so sweet with her little paws crossed!lol Great review, I have often wondered about trying 1 of these types of subscriptions.


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