Petite Treats for Petite Chihuahuas

Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Once again my dogs are going crazy over a product from Chewy! Since I have small dogs the size of a treat is important to me, as choking can be fatal .  And when it comes to training treats, you want to keep them as small as possible so you can quickly feed one and get them on to the next trick.  

Well, all 4 dogs are in love with Wellness Petite Treats in Lamb/Apple Cinnamon flavor.  They are even soft.  There is a hard and soft version but the soft version is best for quick rewards!

These are fabulous because they are grain-free and perfectly sized for the mouth of a small dog.  The flavor is very delicious and promotes a healthy, shiny coat with flaxseed. There are no artificial colors or flavors.  What you put into your dog's body has a huge impact on it's health so always be mindful of ingredients and any harmful things that could even cause allergies.

My dogs loved these when we were taking a walk outside. It was a great way to nonchalently reward them for obeying my commands and they didn't even have to slow down or stop walking in order to chew.  

Once again I'm super impressed.

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