5 Things in Life That Are Hard Work But Worth It

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ever notice how whenever something is described as being hard work people think of it as a negative thing?

Relationships are hard work. 
A good paying job is hard work.
Quitting a bad habit is hard work.
Losing weight is hard work.

Hard work can be broken down as easily as this:
Hard - difficult or challenging
Work - something the requires effort or persistance

And what happens when you do something that's hard work and you work hard at it?  You accomplish things.

Stop thinking that hard work is a bad thing.  
Start thinking that hard work = SO WORTH IT!

It's funny because everything that we know as taking a lot of work, being hard work, or being hard at all has one great benefit to it.... IT'S ALWAYS WORTH IT IN THE END!

Hard work at anything makes you better yourself as a person and better your life overall.

Here are 5 examples of how that's true.

1. Relationships are hard work.
Yep, they are.   Are they worth it? Yes.   Just because a relationship is hard work doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Everything in life is hard work, DUH!

You know what's not hard work? Sitting still doing nothing and being lazy.   It's easy, but is it good for you? Not so much.

Relationships are hard work because you must:
-learn to interact with another person
-accept things
-sacrifice things,
-think of someone other than yourself in an endearing way

Relationships are worth the hard work because: 
-they make you happy
-they make others happy

2. A good job is hard work.
It's hard to get it, it's hard to keep it, and it's hard to enjoy it sometimes.   Or you can sit at home at your parent's broke as hell with nothing making you happy.   

A good job is hard work because it makes you: 
-test your abilities
-utilize skills
-learn new things
-gain experience 

A good job is worth the hard work because:
-you make an income from it
-you make new connections and interact with people
-you feel a sense of accomplishment about yourself

3. Quitting a bad habit is hard work.
Of course you are used to things that you do on a regular basis and they make you feel comfortable, whether they are good or bad. 

Quitting a bad habit is hard work because it makes you:
-get out of your comfort zone
-discipline yourself
-going through periods of unpleasant feelings

Quitting a bad habit is worth the hard work because:
-you have health and well being benefits
-you get a sense of accomplishment
-you learn self discipline
-you feel better

4. Being healthy is hard work.
Anything worth doing will never be super easy. 

Being healthy is hard work because it makes you:
-stay disciplined
-adopt new habits
-be uncomfortable at times
-change your lifestyle
-maintain your lifestyle

Being healthy is worth the hard work because:
-you have a better quality of life
-you learn discipline
-you feel a sense of accomplishment

5. Dealing with a problem is hard work.
Someone dies and you have to grieve.   You need to be honest with someone about how you feel about your relationship.   There are so many different examples of "problems". 

Our society has a way of just sweeping them under the rug because it's easier than dealing with it up front.

Dealing with a problem is hard work because it makes you:
-face a fear or unpleasant reality
-feel resistance from another party
-accept the situation for what it is

Dealing with a problem is worth the hard work because it makes you:
-resolve or bring closure to an issue
-happier in the long run
In summary...

Embrace the phrase "Life is hard work", "Relationships are hard work", etc. by remembering that anything that takes hard work is WORTH the investment!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love this advice! I always find that hard work pays off!

  2. This is the best kick in the ass post I've read in a long time. Loved it!


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