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Thursday, April 3, 2014

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AnnMarie Gianni Skin Care has been known for it's effective and gentle products that won't harm your skin and in fact help reduce the signs of aging.  Their product line is organic, natural, and wild-crafted. 

After numerous letters from consumers requesting a natural sun protection product, it's here! It's called Sun Love, Natural Sun Protection and it's a transparent zinc oxide containing NO harmful nanospheres.  It gives you excellent protection from the sun while neutralizing the effects of damaging UV rays with it's antioxidant herbs and oils.   You can keep your skin safe, moisturized, and beautiful with this chemical-free formula.

I was very much impressed by how gentle it was on my already sensitive skin.  It prevents sunburn and prevents skin aging from UV rays.  It really blended into my skin tone even with the tint! I was so happy to learn that it's great for all skin types, even mine!
And at $40 for 2.5 oz., the ingredients make it totally worth it! Inside you'll find aloe vera juice infused with herbs, sunflower oil, green tea extract, avocado oil, and lavendar oil.  No wonder it has such a pleasant yet soothing scent.  

I highly recommend this for anyone who is going to be in the sun (everyone!) and who needs to take care of their skin from the damage they've already done!

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