Really Simple Ways To Be A Healthier Person

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated! Sure, there is loads of information out there. Yes, some of it is really unclear, or contradictory. However, there are some things you do that will definitely make a difference. Plus, they're really simple. Read out to find out six of them.

Increase water intake
You’ll have been told time and time again that you need to increase your water intake. Even if you haven’t taken heed of this advice before now, you need to! Our bodies are made up of 60% water, but when we exercise or sweat or just live our lives, we lose it! Increase your intake and you will be benefiting your body in lots of ways. Digestion will be better; your organs will be healthier. Your skin will be clearer, and your energy levels will increase. All this for free, and straight from the tap. Brilliant!

Reduce sugar intake
We know now that sugar is the enemy, and that we need to cut down on how much we take into our bodies. There are lots of disturbing reasons why sugar is bad for our bodies. It can overload your liver, cause your teeth to rot. It can even lead to cancer and other serious diseases. Cutting sugar out entirely will be very hard, but at least cut down. Plus, don’t forget that fruit contains sugar. Eat it whole, and fresh, rather than breaking it down to smoothie form. When made into a smoothie, the sugar levels are increased. This not only means the fruit is less effective in making you healthy, it can also have a much worse effect on your teeth and gums.

Reduce caffeine intake
Just like sugar, caffeine can have a bad effect on the body. It can increase your blood pressure and give your heartburn. It can make you moody, irritable and confused. But we’re not just talking about tea and coffee. One more drink you need to reduce? Fizzy drinks, like Coke! These are truly an unforgivable sin if you want to stay healthy or improve your health.


Take supplements
Supplements are a great way to get the essential nutrients your body needs for far less effort! Check out supplements sold by the Jarrow brand so you are buying from a reputable and trusted name. Supplements come in a wide range of forms, so you can decide if you want to take them as pills, capsules, powder or as a liquid.

Find free local classes
Sometimes bars and restaurants run classes for free. The idea is that if they can get you in for a free class, you’ll stick around a buy a drink or some food. Make the most of these classes; they’re often great for socializing and meeting new people. You might even be able to learn a new skill! Salsa dancing, anyone?

Walk rather than drive
If you are often driving places, replace some of those journeys with walks instead. So, if you commute to work five days a week, start walking one day a week instead. Just a small amount of weekly exercise can make big improvements to your health.


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