Fall To Do List for Homeowners

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tis the season for cool breezes, crisp leaves, and pumpkin spice everything!  It's Fall and I love it!  However as a homeowner there are several things that should be done each year around this time to prepare for the cooler months and some things that it's just a good idea to do every few months anyways. So here is a list for all you homeowners!

[ ] Wash + Vacuum the Windows
Not only do you want clean windows for when you leave them open for a cool Fall breeze to come in, but it's finally not so sticky and humid out which means it's not an ordeal to wash the outsides of the windows (if you can reach all of them).  Wash the windows inside and out and then take a vacuum to the screen and the entire inside of the window sill.  No one wants those dead bugs and cobwebs hanging around!

[ ] Clean Out Gutters
If you are able to safely get on your roof or against your gutters to remove leaves and other debris, make sure you do so.  If not, it's not a good mix when it rains because your gutters can be clogged from a variety of things including leaves, twigs, nuts (from those pesky squirrels), and more.  Summer always has lots of storms that wash things down from the top of the roof so you'll find lots of interesting surprises I'm sure.

[ ] Trim Shrubs
After the summer, things are no longer blooming so it's always a good time to trim shrubs and bushes so that they are nice and pretty come Spring. 

[ ] Change Air Filters
Always change your home's air filters, it obviously helps with air quality and allergies, but it's also a great way to keep your heating/cooling system working better.

[ ] Clean Your Oven and Fridge
There's always so much entertaining in the summer so it's more than likely that your fridge and oven need a good scrub down.  Make sure you use the Self Cleaning option on your oven if you can.  This way everything will be ready for all the Fall festivities.

[ ] Clean Out Cupboards
Now's a great time to purge, reorganize, and donate any canned goods or dry goods you don't need.  Take everything out at once, then go through one by one and donate or pitch any expired items or items you no longer really need.  Then carefully refill your cupboards keeping them somewhat organized.  It's also a great time to take inventory of any staple ingredients you may need to restock.

[ ] Wash Baseboards and Vacuum Nooks & Crannies
Use a wet wipe or a rag with water or cleaning solution to wipe down baseboard heaters.   Also use the narrow nozzle attachment on your vacuum to go through the entire house, high and low and vacuum in things, under things, and around things to get any cobwebs, dust bunnies, fur balls, and crumbs.  Don't forget to vacuum vents!

[ ] Clean Bathrooms
Fall is the time of year for inside guests so be sure to scrub the counters, the tub, the floor, and clean out the toilet.  Also don't forget to wash your hand towels every 2 weeks.

[ ] Cover or Bring In Patio Furniture
If you have cushions on your patio furniture you may want to bring it in when you know that you'll no longer be outside a lot.  If you have covers for your furniture now's a good time to get them out and get them ready to put on.  

I'm sure there are plenty more things I could add but I tried to think of the less obvious ones than decorating for fall and raking leaves, hehe! Happy Fall!

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  1. I so need to clean my windows out. Have a great week.


  2. Winter is coming. You have shared great tips for this winter. It will help us to stay healthy in this winter.


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