How I Save Space in Our Tiny Bathroom

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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I am all about saving space in the home especially when you're short on storage area or counter space.  My bathroom is no exception.  I love it, don't get me wrong but it can definitely be frustrating especially when I start knocking stuff over. 

Our bathroom is definitely tiny but it can still be functional.  That's because I utilize the space we do have and for anything extra, I use suction cup items from FECA, which offers a line of suction cup storage and organization items for the home.  

So let's take a closer look at how I save space in the bathroom.

[In the Shower]
I use the shower for myself and for the dogs and because of that I'm often flustered and knocking things over, especially when I have to reach way up to get the shower head.   So hence why I'm in love with the Hand Shower Holder.   It holds the shower head for me so that whenever I need it for things like bathing the dogs it's conveniently located closer to me so I don't have to keep standing up and risking the dogs trying to jump out and escape.

[After the Shower]
I don't know about you but our bathroom is so tiny that there's really no room to hang anything so I simply would have to drape it over the toilet or keep it on the floor.  Well, that's not so good when you want to hop out of the shower and put your clothes on in the bathroom.  So enter this nifty little hook from FECA.  Not only can it hold up to 13 pounds but it keeps my robe or clothing nice and dry and OFF the ground.   You could use this little gem pretty much anywhere and for any reason.  I love that they come in fun colors too! 

[Every Other Moment]
So we have the tiniest sink ever.  That means we have the tiniest counter ever so we try to keep as many things up off the sink as possible.  This also makes it easier to wipe down on a regular basis.  For this, I turn to the Multi-Purpose Holder which is able to swing out horizontally which makes it perfect for me to store brushes, soap, nail clippers, or Dixie cups in!  It frees up a nice amount of space and it's always kept up and out of the way so I don't even have to open a cupboard or medicine cabinet to get whatever is stored in it.

So you see, there are other options instead of just tearing up the bathroom and building a bigger one.  Honestly, it's a bathroom and we don't have kids so we don't need to have multiple people in there at a time so for us we just needed a few simple, affordable, and stylish solutions!  

How do YOU save space in your home?

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  1. I think this is a common major issue with all of us. But you have shared great ideas here. I also have an idea we can use glass containers to put small things in it. They look pretty also.


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