The Importance of Hydration [It's Not Rocket Science] #7DaysofSparkling

Friday, September 2, 2016

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It just absolutely floors me how many people are dehydrated these days.   And not only that, but they seem to be totally in denial about it and when they get a headache they don't even think it may be caused by dehydration.

Water is so so so crucial to our bodies and our brains.  I don't know about you but when I don't drink enough water I have a plethora of issues like:

-My skin is dry and blotchy
-My head hurts
-I feel hungry
-I feel tired
-I feel grumpy
-I can't concentrate
-My muscles cramp
-My hair is brittle

But don't be fooled....I'm not some water loving nut.  No way, I totally understand why many of us don't like water... for instance:

-It doesn't have a taste
-It's boring
-It makes me go to the bathroom too much because it goes right through me

 Most of us would rather drink something sweet and juicy but unfortunately much of those drinks contain too much sugar and will just dehydrate you even more!   So trust me, I get it.  But I also get that those are just cop out excuses because really there are some great solutions to the common complaints about water.

First of all, water won't make you pee as much once you get used to it. If you aren't used to drinking atleast 6-8 glasses of water a day, of course it will go right through you.   But once your body gets used to the water you intake, it will begin utilizing it more and it won't just go right to your bladder. Seriously, I speak from experience.

Another thing is that water can help you when you are trying to watch what you eat.  A lot of times when we are tired, dehyrated, and bored our stomach tells us we are hungry.   Most of the time we are just dehydrated and lacking energy.  So aside from getting a decent amount of sleep, you can tell your junk food cravings to STOP IT by drinking water next time you get them.

And finally - not all water is boring and bland.  You may just be drinking the wrong kind of water.   See, I will let you in on my secret - I drink Deer Park Brand Sparkling Spring Water.  It comes in several different fruity flavors including Lemon, Lime, Mandarin Orange, Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime, and of course original.  Either way, it's SPARKLING! It really helps me feel like I'm drinking something besides water!   And it's full of 100% natural ingredients with no calories, sweeteners, colors, sodium, or caffeine!   You can even mix it with your favorite juice or beverage to make your own little enjoyable drink and get more water.  It's delicious!

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