5 Ways to Have Fall Fun with Your Dog

Friday, September 30, 2016

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Fall is a beautiful time of year not just because the changing of the leaves but also the changing of the weather.  It's cooler without the humidity and unbearable sun beating down on you so take advantage of this time to get outside with your pooch.  Here are 5 ways to have fun this Fall!

{1. Run}
That's right get out there and run around in the yard with your dog.  You likely won't need to worry about the horrible heat so you can stay out for a little longer and get your dog's energy out.  

{2. Hike}
For dogs that love taking hiking expeditions, bring them along.   Now's the perfect time of year to find a hiking trail and enjoy the views.  As always, bring along food and water for your pooch and any emergency items you may need.  

{3. Practice Training Outside}
Take some treats with you (I really like Good Dog Jerky Treats from ZiwiPeak because they are grain free, have a taste dogs love, and are the perfect size for training rewards) and head outside to practice commands with your pooch.  Sometimes being outside exposes dogs to different situations and distractions so it's good to condition them to obey your commands even in those situations! 

{4. Photo Session}
Fall trees and leaves make a beautiful natural backdrop so get out there and take lots of photos with your pooch!  Now's the time of year to plan your Christmas Card shoot as well!

{5. Endless Fetch}
That's right, for those of you with dogs that are obsessed with playing fetch, have at it like you've never done before!

How do you enjoy the outdoors with your dog this time of year?

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  1. These all are great actives. Have a great weekend.


  2. we hike almost every day. rain or shine. great tips!


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