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Monday, June 26, 2017

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The Strays by Emily Bitto
This book takes place in the 30's and is a very interesting fictional read about a family with a VERY unique dynamic and the tragedy that takes place within.   I really liked this because I always find the dynamic between human beings fascinating.

The Foundling by Paul Fronczak

It's been a while since I read a non-fiction book, and this one was worth it.  It's about a guy who was believed to be a stolen baby and returned to his family.  Only he's not that same kid. But he goes on a mission to find out who he is.   It's fascinating how genealogy can help someone do that.   And at the same time he is trying to find the REAL baby that was stolen from his adoptive parents.

The Violated by Bill Pronzini
I'm not usually a fan of mystery books anymore but this one was pretty good.  There was a serial rapist on the loose, until they found him.  But now he's dead.  And then another rape happens. So now a whole town is searching for who killed the rapist, and who committed the most recent rape.  Told from everyone's point of view, this is a great read!

All the Time in the World by Caroline Angell
This is an amazing book about a family and a girl who is their nanny.  She is extremely close to the family but when tragedy hits things get very difficult and consume her.   For her first book, the author did an amazing job. Despite the sad events, there is still happiness throughout the story.

Before This Is Over By Amanda Hickie

This was a really cool book.  It's basically about a family that is contained to their house and street while there's an epidemic going around where people are getting sick from a virus and dying.  It's very interesting to read how each person is dealing with the situation and it really kept my attention until the end.

Rabbitcake by Annie Hartnett
 This book was so amazing.   It's about a girl coming of age who experiences the death of her mom and how she copes with the way her family changes because of it. Filled with some humor, some sadness, and something that everoyne can relate to, it was hard to put down.

The Assistants by Camille Perri

This is a story we can all relate to.  A girl is working as an assistant to a RICH Business man.    she stumbles upon an accidental error that pays off her student loan debt (OOPS!).  Then it escalates quite quickly when others become involved and she has no choice but to help them become debt free as well. But of course it can't go on forever without being noticed or can it?

Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst

This was a very interesting novel.  A family with a troubled child decides to go away to a "camp" that will help them all.  But things aren't what they seem and there is some disturbing stuff going on.  Wait till you get towards the end... just trust me.

Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

If you loved the book ROOM you will love Ginny Moon.  It's told through Ginny's point of view. Ginny is a fourteen year old autistic girl and it's an amazing view of her world and how she sees thing and how "normal" she truly is!

What have you been reading lately?

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