How To Make Your Own Popsicles this Summer

Thursday, June 15, 2017

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I don't know where you live but in Pennsylvania the summer weather is sticky, hot, and humid.   I basically stay confined to my screened in porch because there's shade and I will do whatever I can to stay cool when I'm outdoors.  A great way to cool down is to have a frozen treat, so today I am sharing with you a super easy (I mean SUPER EASY) tutorial for making your own popsicles at home!

Step 1 | Get a Popsicle Mold
This really is necessary otherwise how can you form a popsicle? So this is the Classic Pop Mold from Zoku. Zoku has an awesome selection of pop makers and accessories for slushy and frozen drinks and treats.

These are really cool because the stick and the little holder just snap together! It's super easy! Plus I love the fun green color.

Step 2 | Place Cups in Mold
Place the cups in each slot of the mold. 

Step 3 | Fill with Liquid of Choice
You can use juice, soda, or even make an adult beverage pop.  Get creative!

Fill to the line that says "fill line" and make sure you don't go over it.  

Step 4 | Insert and Snap Sticks
Now you take the sticks you snapped together when you first get your Pop Mold and you press them into the mold cups until you hear a snap and know it's connected.

Step 5 | Freeze for 24 Hours
So simple - just place in the freezer and take out after 24 hours.

See how I filled one up to high and it's oozing out? So that's why you don't do that, lol!

Step 6 | Rinse Under Warm Water
In order to slide the pop out of the cup, you need to hold it under warm water for maybe 10-20 seconds until you can pull the cup off easily.

Step 7 | ENJOY!
See I told you it was super easy!

I love how much of a refreshing snack this is and it's so easy to make.  It's also great when you have friends over.  The Pop Mold was less than $10!  You can't go wrong.

What would you put in your homemade pop?

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