Things You Get Excited About When You're Adulting

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sometimes I sit around and think of random silly things that I know everyone can agree with and whenever I do that, I know it's time to make it into a blog post.

The inspiration behind this post was that I was sitting at home and thought of the small things that make me excited these days and I realized that 10 years ago those would be "lame" things to me.  That's how I know I'm adulting now. 

So without further ado, here's a list of things that can make you excited when you're a full blown adult!

1. Getting a cart at the grocery store that doesn't have squeaky jerky wheels.
2. When someone cancels plans and you end up having a free night to yourself.

3. Vacuum lines on the carpet.

4. When you actually can harvest and eat food from your own vegetable garden.

5. Canning.   Warning - this is an interest that usually comes from number 4 above.

6. Running an errand in an ugly outfit (no bra) without running into anyone you know.

7. Eating junk food without getting a stomach ache.

8. Finding jeans that fit and don't make you look like like an idiot.

9. A coupon (and a sale) on your heartburn medication.

10. Being able to stay up past 10 pm.

11. Sleeping an entire night without waking up to pee.

12. New curtains.

13. Buying your very first stand mixer.

14. Paying extra on your mortgage each month.

15. Getting a seat in a restaurant nowhere near crying babies.

16. Handing out candy on Halloween.

17. Earning cash back rewards on your credit card.

18. A check out line in ANY store with NO ONE in it.

19.  Meal planning.

20. Meeting up with a longtime friend for brunch or lunch.

21. Wineries. 

22. When someone else unloads the dishwasher.

23. Tucking yourself into bed with freshly washed sheets.

24. A new pillow.

25. Throw pillows.

26. Going to the library.

27. Sitting around reading your library books.

28. A tissue box hidden somewhere in your car.

29. Not having to cook dinner for a change.

30. Using a coupon at a restaurant or getting the early bird special.

31. Letting your dog out in the morning and not having to see another soul or utter a single word.

32. Home and garden type magazine subscriptions.

33. Coffee poops. (Hey, you know you're system's moving!)

34. Going to bed early.

35. Looking at New Year's Day as a day off work instead of a hangover nursing day.

36. The History Channel.

37. Purchasing new socks.

38. Wearing "granny panties" and not giving a *$&%.

39. Being in total control of the thermostat.

40. Remembering someone's name that you've only ever met once before.

So is there anything else to add?

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