Psst....I Know the Codeword for Summer Fun with My Wolfpack

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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My dogs are my life.   I think I make that pretty obvious but I know not everyone can understand the bond we share, especially when it comes to Pixie.

And by the end of this post, you'll know that the codeword for summer fun is going to make your next visit to Petsmart so much better! Pixie is the first dog I ever owned and I got her when I was just 19! 

Pixie has been there for me through all types of life struggles.  She was with me in my last year as a teenager, and all throughout my twenties.  And as I embark on my thirties there are plenty more experiences to be had together.   Pixie has been my cuddle buddy when I was going through hard times in relationships and also when I got my first apartment.   She's been on little vacations with me and she's even come to work a few times.  Pixie is just the sweetest and smartest dog I've ever known and that is why she's stolen my heart from day one. 

There are a few secrets to summer fun for my wolfpack this year....

Nutrition is uber important for my wolfpack because it's my way of nurturing them and loving them by keeping them healthy and satisfied.  To me, providing good nutrition is my way of doing everything possible on my end to keep them taken care of so they have energy and strength to play and enjoy their time with me.  And since Pixie likes to play especially outside, I need to ensure she's properly fueled. 

Obviously with my full house of pets (1 fish, 1 rat, 4 chihuahuas) everytime I need to re-stock on pet supplies it's like a full blown shopping spree at PetSmart.  That's why I like to bring Pixie along to keep me company and get some one-on-one bonding time. Pixie loves being held or sitting in the front of the cart while I shop.  She enjoys how everyone makes a big fuss over her and her little tongue that sticks out and she just sits there waiting for the next person to notice her.  Sometimes when we pass a toy that she likes she gets excited and wags her tail and makes little snort sounds of excitement (hence her nickname of Piggy). 

Normally bringing a pet with me to a store would stress me out because shopping is already time consuming and I need to concentrate but everything is so easy at PetSmart.   I try to get everything I need in one shopping trip to last me for the month.   Summer is a great time to bring your pet with you when you run errands to pet-friendly stores, and also when you visit friends and family.

PetSmart always has the items I need in stock and there's always a large selection of brands to choose from whether it's for potty pads, dog food, or even tooth paste.   Speaking of brands, Purina has a huge selection of food, treats, and litter for pets available at PetSmart which really takes the mystery out of how to care for your pet and give them what they want most.  Lately, the mystery for me is summer fun.  I want my pups to have a great time outside, so how can I do that? Well, I know the codeword - it's obviously Purina.


As you can see, even when we go to PetSmart I make sure to keep Pixie safely contained.  She always has her harness, identifying tags, and leash on.  And when she's in the cart her leash is either held by me or it's tied to the cart handle.   I never let her or the cart out of my site.   Safety is super important whether it's outside in a friend's yard or inside a store.   Always make sure your dog's tags are up to date and that they are secured with a collar/harness and a leash. 

Pixie enjoying the birds!

I had a great haul at PetSmart and got lots of food and treats for my gang when we go out and about this summer. During the month of June PetSmart shoppers can get a $10 PetSmart gift card when you purchase $40 in participating Purina products.   Visit the redemption site for my information and to redeem!  The beauty is that this can be redeemed an unlimited amount of times so make sure you shop at PetSmart often during the promo period in June so you can take advantage of this amazing deal!

You can upload your receipt up until July 9th, 2017.  

So I took advantage of this when I decided to stock up for some summer fun with my dogs.   In order to have the energy to go outside and enjoy the warm weather, my pups need to eat first so I picked up some Purina® Bella Small Dog Food.

These are easy for the dogs to eat on the go so that if we have to have dinner in the car before we get out and walk at the park, they can eat right out of the little tray that their food comes in.

I love to reward good behavior, especially when we are outside with distractions so I always keep some Purina® Beggin' handy. 

Treats are a great reward but they are also a way to keep motivation for Pixie to listen to me and behave herself. 

And of course I get something great out of all of this because I can save money on my next trip by using my gift card that I earned, all thanks to Purina!

So how does your pet steal your heart?   Share your story on social media and use the #PurinaMysteries hashtag!

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  1. My cat always knows when I am upset- the other night I woke up screaming from a nightmare and she was sitting on top of me meowing. She knew I was distressed and concerned. It's amazing how pets have that sense! #client


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