The COOL Girl's Guide to Beating the Summer Heat

Thursday, June 22, 2017

This post was a long time comin'.   In Pennsylvania the summer heat gets very oppressive.  It's swampy, humid, and hot hot hot!   Instead of being miserable, I wanted to put together a little survival guide on how to make the most of summer in all aspects of life.  From budgeting on a/c bills to dealing with boob sweat.   I'm even including links to the products I use so if you want to stock up you can! Enjoy!

Yes, I know, it sucks.  Hair gets frizzy and icky and no matter what you do it looks like crap.  I do have a few solutions though.   For starters, since dry hair tends to absorb moisture in the air, I try to avoid drying my hair out.  My hair dries out quickly from washing it too often so I wash every other day. 

I do notice it helps a lot and I also use an anti-frizz spray that seems to work well. In between washes I use dry shampoo to keep it smelling nice and looking a bit less greasy, although depending on your hair type it can be inevitable.  

When I am attending an outdoor party and my hair looks like a frizzy mess no matter WHAT I do, I opt for an adorable sun hat like this one! Seriously, it covers the frizz and it's really cute.

Or you can just tie your hair up in a top knot and no one will see that you're actually a frizzy greasy mess.

Did you ever notice how literally EVERYTHING sweats in the summer?  Yes, I mean I'm sweating all over the place.  Sometimes I get up from sitting and I feel like I peed my pants.  Sorry but it's true.   So I have several ways I try to combat that. 

For starters, I always use an antiperspirant deoderant.  I found one that works well for me and lasts.  Once you find a good one, stick with it.

Got boob sweat?  You can apply a powder (baby powder, makeup finishing powder, WHATEVA!) underneath.    Also, I keep body wipes with me so I can freshen up around my neck, hairline, and my boobs throughout the day. 

Now, if you're like me, your thighs rub. I know some people wear dedorant there but that doesn't help me because my thighs still rub and it's uncomfortable and annoying.   So I wear thin little panty hose style shorts.   The ones with a serious control top are too oppressive in summer weather.  These little numbers are adorable and I have a pair in black and nude. I wear them underneath dresses and skirts and they act as a little guard so that I get the benefit of wearing some sort of fabric without the heat and discomfort. 

And if you're concerned about hoo-ha and bum bum sweat, just remember to wear breathable cotton panties.   Also, you'll thank me later but if you go to a pool party, don't sit too long in your damp bathing suit bottoms. That's a great way to get a yeast infection and there's NOTHING worse than a yeast infection in the middle of summer!
It seems like summer gets expensive around the house.   You start showering more often so your water bill may go up a bit, but what really gets people fired up is the electric bill.   Here's a HUGE tip - when you're not at home, your house dosen't have to be an icebox.  It's just a waste of money.   And if you have pets - rest assured they will survive.  You people act like they are stranded in the desert!   When we're away from the house we turn the thermostat to 75. The second we get home we turn it down to 71 or 70.   We also keep the fan running from time to time so the air doesn't get stagnant.  
Want to save even more on energy costs? Consider shutting the blinds and curtains when you aren't home so the sun's rays aren't beating into the house.   Don't let doors or windows open when the heat is oppressive.  Consider upgrading your thermostat too. The NEST thermostats are so amazing!

So you love being active outdoors but once it gets to that unbearable temperature and humidity level outside you lose all motivation right? Well, plan accordingly.   Get your walks and runs in later in the evening or early in the morning before the sun is bright and directly overhead.  Change your route to streets (or sides of the streets) where there's more shade.  Or consider riding a bike so you can at least have wind on you at all times.   Wear light colored clothing, a hat, and stay as hydrated as possible without peeing your pants.

This kind of fits in with a lot of other things on this list. People often complain about headaches in the summer.  Well for starters, make sure you drink enough water. Not sure how much to drink? Take your weight and divide it by 2 and that's generally the ounces of water you should be taking in daily.   Try to avoid sodas or alcohol when you're out in the sun because it will just dehydrate you quicker. And remember just because you're in the pool doesn't mean your body is hydrated. You still have to drink water.
Also, wear sunglasses! Squinting all day can give you tension headaches, plus you look like a goofball always walking around with your eyes all squinty and your face all scrunched up.

Trust me, I can't stand wearing sandals or slip on shoes that are full of stink and make my feet sweat. I have an amazing solution to that.  Obviously with sandals I wear a foot deodorant.

I put it on every morning and it really does make a difference with my sandals.  After a hot day where I'm sweating a lot I will also set my sandals out in the afternoon/evening sun so the light zaps some stink and bacteria.

For flats and slip ons I wear little teeny tiny socks that actually absorb sweat and they make my shoes last a heck of a lot longer. 
The sure fire way to look like a goofball in the Summer is having red skin because your stubborn ass didn't put on sunscreen.  First off, you can still get a tan through sunscreen so stop acting like you can't protect your skin because you want some color.

So there you have it - from boob sweat to stinky feet.  I hope this helps you survive the summer.  What other tips do you have?

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  1. Omg the boob sweat is soooo real during the summer haha! The baby powder tip is GREAT, I will definitely try this!

    Allie //


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