Garden Update [August]

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August has had fairly cooler weather which is a surprise but it seems to have helped my veggies.  So here is my eggplant.   Already have some fruit forming!

My banana peppers are doing great as well I get about 15 a week between all of my plants!

 Yes! That's a butternut squash! I have a few!

My bell peppers also are doing great, I think because it hasn't been terriby hazy hot and humid at all this month yet. I've read that intense heat like we normally have can make them pause their growth for a bit.

 More Banana Peppers!
 So I'm an idiot and I accidentally cut off the top of my one tomato plant a long time ago.  But I still get some tomatoes from it. The one on the right is Roma Tomatoes.   They've been coming in nicely.
I replanted some Kale and Caesar in the small garden bed so I can have some fall salads!

How are your gardens doing? Any tips for mine? I think I had cucumber beetles on my zucchini plants and they haven't been producing any more fruit the past few days. :(

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. I really want to grow my own garden... we actually have lawn in the apartment building but I feel odd doing it somehow, which I realize is really weird. Anyway, I always love to see what's growing in other people's gardens :) AND you have butternut squash! That's incredible!! Beautiful photos... hope you enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labor!

    1. Thank you Charlotte!! I am so glad i can finally have a garden now that i have my own place. You could always grow some stuff in pots :)

  2. My eggplant and peppers aren't doing diddly squat this year!! I think it's all the cool, rainy weather we've had - they didn't get enough sun. Tomatoes are still green, no doubt they will all ripen at once and I'll be swamped with them. Zucchini is producing well, I made my first batch of cream of zucchini soup and summer garden Bolognese this weekend to put in the freezer. Recipes on the blog from last summer....and on my sidebar as 5 ways to use that zucchini! Your garden looks great!!

    1. UGH i know! my tomatoes are ripening slowly. I am gonna check out the zucchini post, thanks Debbie!! I'm proud of my eggplant but my peppers arent as well as i hoped. ugh. theres always next year, i suppose.

  3. Dude those banana peppers look delicious! I need to get my wife on this as a hobby while she's at home with our kids. Do you have any recommendations for a starting kit or something easy to not kill? She's not the green thumb type...

    1. LOL THANKs! well honestly, it's not too hard if you just choose easy crops. I would suggest her using containers instead of a garden bed. ANd honestly, just have her get the plants already started from a garden store. I'd go with banana peppers, maybe bell peppers, cucumbers (super easy), and maybe some lettuce?


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