Why I'm Shouting "CBD for Life!!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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I am absolutely ECSTATIC to talk to you today about an amazing brand called CBD for Life. And before I explain why, let me explain what CBD for Life is and what the benefits of CBD are.

First off, CBD stands for Cannabidiol.  CBD for Life is a line of natural luxurious and highly effective CBD infused pain management and beauty products.  They use 99% pure CBD extract that comes from industrial hemp (the stems and stalks to be exact).   They use formulas that combine the CBD with other natural ingredients like essential oils, to help reduce pain, inflammation, and stress.  Their beauty products are designed to promote anti-aging, rejuvenation, and vibrancy.  The company has been around since 2015 and they are right on time considering how common it is for more people to catch on to the benefits of CBD.

CBD is packed with vitamins, omegas, and essential fatty acids that have beneficial impacts on skin, hair, and the body.  CBD has been proven to work naturally with the body's endo-cannabinoid system to create ideal overall health.

For beauty products, CBD naturally helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, irritating skin conditions like acne and psoriases, and clinical studies have shown that CBD helps the body regulate dry skin! 

The anti-inflammatory properties help your body combat aches and pains when ingested and applied topically and work great for replenishing your muscles after a hard workout. 

CBD for Life is based out of New Jersey and it's a woman owned and operated company!!! Their products are 95% naturally derived and are free of GMO’s, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial coloring and are never tested on animals.  Plus, all their products retail for under $35.00.

Now, what did I think of their products?   Well, let me tell ya!

CBD Rubs: So the Rubs are pretty self explanatory. Got sore muscles? Use the Rubs. You just apply a small amount to the muscles that hurt.   Let me tell you after an entire weekend of using loppers to destroy the weeds and shrubs down by the pond, I could barely use my arms and hands. I cramped muscles that I never even knew I had.   Right away, I applied the CBD Rubs and within about 20 minutes I realize the pain was barely there.  I used them on and off for the next few days until the sore feeling was completely gone and my muscles had healed.  It was much better than using an anti-inflammatory pill from the drugstore, I can tell you that! The Rubs come in Original and Lemongrass. 

CBD Face Cream: The CBD Face Cream really left my face hydrated and gave me a nice glow.  The hemp extracts are great for your skin! I applied it once in the morning and once at night after I washed my face.  It rubbed right in, and it was very pleasant.   I love the nice high quality containers the rubs and the face cream come in as well. 

CBD Eye Serum: CBD for Life has an AMAZING Eye Serum that helps with anti-aging and minimizing lines and reducing dark circles and puffiness.  It's SO lightweight and not greasy at all, which is the main reason I never used eye creams before. I couldn't stand the greasy, gunky feeling.  Like the Face Cream, I used this in the morning and at night.
CBD Oral Spray:  Their Oral Spray is truly the easiest and most convenient method I've ever used to get highly effective and fast absorbing use of CBD.  It's known to help with pain management, anxiety, stress, arthritis, and inflammation.  Whenever I felt sore, stressed, or anxious, I'd whip this baby out of my purse and give my mouth a spray or 2 throughout the day.  It worked quite well and was very discreet.
CBD Lip Balm: I love this Lip Balm! It really hydrates my lips and has a slight tint.  My lips can get really dry and cracked, espeically in the summertime so this is perfect!  It's glossy and smooth and lasts a really long time!
CBD Pain Relief Spray: If you are an active person (or you deal with pain a lot), you will be very grateful for the Pain Relief Spray. You'll get great pain relief without having to take prescription pills.  It's so simple to use. You just spray on and let it do it's thing, no need to rub it in! This came in handy for the day after my workouts.

CBD Foot Cream: Ahhh, Foot Cream.  Who can survive without it? Not me! My feet are always sore, achey, and tired so nothing makes me happier than sitting down to watch TV and rubbing this in my feet.  After a night out in heels, it was the relief I needed! The inflammation didn't last long thanks to this cream!
CBD Face & Body Cleanser: This Face & Body Cleanser is just what I've been looking for.  A great way to clean my clogged pores and it's definitely a must use, especially if you have the face cream to use afterwords.  It worked itself into a very nice lather and didn't feel thick or gunky.
CBD Hand & Body Massage Lotion: If you like pampering yourself, you need to try the Hand & Body Massage Lotion! My skin was super soft and luscious for days after using this.  It really felt invigorating whenever I'd rub it on my arms, legs, and hands.  I can't wait to use this in winter when the weather normally dries my skin out.

They also have a Shampoo and Conditioner that are absolutely fantastic. I'm all about using all natural products on my hair, but WOW!  The shampoo really left my scalp feeling refreshed and it actually helped get rid of my itchy dandruff. I had been using a dandruff shampoo before this, but no more! Those omega acids really do their job and it didn't weigh my hair down at all. And it's safe and gentle for all hair types, even mine which is dry and color-treated.  The conditioner smelled amazing and had all the same benefits of the shampoo. It left my hair sleek and shiny and I noticed I had less tangles after getting out of the shower. Ladies! YOU NEED THIS!

I really hope that I've educated you on the benefits of CBD and I hope you'll give some of these amazing products a try. I promise you, you will be pleased because the results speak for themselves!

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