[Planning Our Wedding] Getting Crafty, Rentals, and License

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So we are 2 months away from our big day! How exciting!   Everything is still going smoothly but the real work must begin!

[Getting Crafty]
I have decided I'll be making the signage for our reception so I have started to acquire some supplies to do that and I've brainstormed some ideas.   By signage I mean the little things that people keep near tables or to announce the hashtag.   With supplies from the Dollar Store it will be cheap and I'll be proud to say I put in some effort, since I'm not very crafty besides this.

With RSVPs pretty much finished it's time to figure out how many chairs and tables we will have to rent.  I told people to bring their own camping chairs as well. Since we have 100 people estimated (or just under) I figure 50 chairs will work.   Then we will have some tables to eat at as well as for the food, gifts, etc. to go on.  I'm thinking maybe just 10 tables need rented. 

We went and got out license and booked our judge! How exciting.  We will be officially married privately a few days before the reception. I'm so excited for Fall and so excited for this time for us!

Check back next month because I'm going to be so close to being done with all wedding stuff and I can't wait! Doing it this way really has made this so easy and much more enjoyable.

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