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Thursday, August 10, 2017

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 If you've been reading this blog for at least a few months, you certainly have seen how much I adore our screened in porch and backyard.  We've been in our home for over 2 years now and it's still the part of our home that we use the most.   The screened in porch is perfect because it is outdoors, but it is screened enough to keep the majority of insects and pests outside.  We eventually will be putting in a patio as well so that will give us even more outdoor living space!

Today I wanted to talk about the essentials for ANY outdoor living spot, whether it's a patio, deck, or screened-in porch.

Luckily we get a great breeze most days, but I can't tell you how uncomfortable it is when we sit outside on a completely windless day and have no nice breeze to keep the air moving.   That's why a fan is absolutely essential.  Whether it's a table top fan, a tower fan (like mine), or a ceiling fan - consider one especially if you are in an area that doesn't always get a breeze going.

There's nothing quite like the ambience of string lights in an outdoor area.   There are all kinds like solar lights or plug in lights, but either way it will add a beautiful and elegant touch to any area you light up.   I like it because it lets me take advantage of the evening hours when the sun goes down and the temperatures cool off. I've seen people decorate a courtyard area in their urban row home with some lights and it added the most classy touch ever.   

While a flash light is practical, adding a lantern is a great way to add some cute decor AND practicality to any outdoor area.  I like having a lantern handy because if I need to walk through the yard when it's dark out I can use it to watch my step. 
Possibly one of the most important aspects of any outdoor living space is the ability to control the insects.  From mosquitos to wasps, nothing puts a damper on your time outside like a pesky bug that just won't go away!
Recently I found the BEST solution for that exact problem! Meet DynaTrap.  It's a technology driven indoor/outdoor insect trap that protects against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and plenty more.  There are no chemicals or pesticides in DynaTrap and it's affordable and easy to maintain. Looking for an environmentally friendly solution? Here ya go!

DynaTrap uses UV light and CO2 to mimic humans and it actually attracts predatory insects.  It's so so quiet even though it has a strong vacuum that sucks insects into a retaining cage after they become attracted to the light.  The good news is that while it works with a variety of harmful insects, it doesn't trap the beneficial pollinators like honey bees, dragon flies, or butterflies so it will allow your garden to flourish. 

I can't believe how well it works.  Even when we sit in the area just outside out porched, I didn't think there were that many bugs but there definitely was.  It explains all the mysterious mosquito bites our guests always end up with.   It was so easy to set DynaTrap up and it's convenient to carry if you need to bring it in and out on a regular basis. I also love that you can hang it somewhere if need be. 

What other outdoor living essentials can you think of? 

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