Stella's 8th Birthday

Monday, November 20, 2017

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Last weekend Stella turned 8! I can't believe my youngest little pup is already 8.  She's so sweet and shy.

So to celebrate, in the typical style of Stella and her low-key personality I gave her special food and a treat.  The food was Alligator! How cool is that? She loved it! And of course we shared with the other dogs.

Seriously she gobbled it down.

It's always nice to spoil her with something out of the ordinary on a special day.

She spent the evening lounging around exhausted from her yummy treats!

Stella isn't big on toys so as a gift I got her Liquid Longevity. Just like with humans, probiotics are extremely important to your GI system and overall health.  If a properly balanced and nutritious diet is consumed you can generally get a lot of the bacteria you need, however just like with humans, some dogs seem to struggle with that.  Stella is the dog in my wolfpack that seems to have the most GI issues.  She usually gets 1-2 stomach bugs a year and it's not fun.  Liquid Longevity is a spray that goes directly on her food, no pill or powder to deal with.

Liquid Longevity contains 10 probiotics with each strain selected with a specific benefit to support healthy digestion in dogs.  It's formulated specifically for dogs and geared to survive in a low pH environment aka a dog's stomach. 

I no longer have to worry about Stella having GI issues all the time and it gives me major peace of mind.

So Stella had a fabulous birthday. Do you celebrate doggie birthdays in your home?

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  1. Stella is SUCH a cutie pie!!!! Alligator....hmmmm I wouldn't think of that for dog food, but I'm glad she liked it!

    1. IT was definitely a big hit and a treat. And thanks, sweet stella is so pretty isn't she :)

  2. Happy birthday to Stella! She's an adorable dog. I've never heard of gator for dog food. Interesting!

    1. Thank you Terra! And I know! I just had to get the gator food when I saw it. How unique!

  3. Happy belated birthday Stella!!!


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