Date Night Details

Thursday, November 2, 2017

We had another monthly date night last month which was our first since we got married.   I love date nights because not only do I not have to cook, but it's a great excuse to actually schedule a night out with each other.

So what did I wear? Well, it was still very nice weather (70 degrees or higher) so I went with open toed wedge sandals.   They look high but they are insanely comfortable.  I of course had my favorite black bag - a Rebecca Minkoff with me.

And rather than an LBD I opted for a little black and white striped dress.  It's actually a LuLaRoe Julia and it is so comfortable!   It was a great night and we went to Piazza Sorrento in Hershey which has amazing gluten free options and James loves the place! So did I, of course!

Do you schedule regular date nights with your other half?

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  1. I was just going to say that your dress looks so comfortable, and then I saw it's LulaRoe - so perfect! You look fantastic.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    1. Thanks Meg. Yea it's the best of both worlds, plus stripes make anyone look good

  2. You look amazing, Ellen!!! Yes, we have date nights twice a week. Sweetie and I have a great deal - two nights a week (minimum) he takes me out to dinner and the other nights I cook. Since we don't live together, I cook at my house and he comes over for dinner on those nights. Works for us!! :)

    1. Ahh thanks Debbie!!!! I need to start making james cook more lol


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