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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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 Ahhh ladies, let's talk about one of the most obnoxious tasks women have to deal with - finding a decent bra.  You have to measure and squeeze and fit and adjust and shake and shimmy - all in the name of good cleavage right?   Well, today I'm excited to introduce you to Upbra.  The Upbra bra was developed to be the PERFECT adjustable lift-up and cleavage bra after interviews with hundreds of women to find out what matters to them most in a bra.  The Upbra bra lifts and enhances cleavage but it also stays up during the day and continues to give you that great cleavage look and feel.   It's all thanks to the extra stability from the cleavage lifting action.  Women find that the Upbra bra cups feel nice and natural rather than heavy and padded so whether you're wearing a formal dress or a simple blouse, Upbra bras will give you the lift, cleavage, and security you want.    Upbra bras are such a big hit that the company even has a line of swimwear and they are releasing colors in their most popular style - the Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless bra.   

So what makes it so different from other bras? Well, Upbra bras need to fit snug in order to work properly or fit comfortably.  If there are any gaps you won't get the maximum results.  Their bras come with Cleavage Control Straps that let you adjust in order to get ideal cleavage.  When fit properly, you shouldn't have to go further than the first 8 loops.  Upbra will work with you to figure out sizing and are very customer service oriented. 

Upbra bras are hand-crafted by skilled sewers in California and each Upbra bra contains over 100 different design elements. These aren't just regular bras - they are pretty complex which makes them that much more amazing! Upbra's revolutionary Active Lift technology really gives women that push they need - literally. 

If you still don't understand how it works - let me clarify.  There are two flexible platforms in each bra cup that are controlled by Upbra's fully-adjustable cleavage control straps.  The platforms are concealed inside the cups under a layer of soft fabric.  The fabric is treated with vinyl hearts and when it's against the body it actually helps grip the breasts and keep them in place after it's adjusted to the desired cleavage level.  Then there's the locking system.  At the bottom of every bra there are evenly spaced slots that the straps lock into.  To create lift and cleavage you take the adjustable cleavage control straps (one in each hand) and pull them across your body.  This activates the dual platforms to move like hands - bringing both breasts together and towards the center of your body.  Once you find the desired cleavage you just hook each of the control straps into the slots of the locking system at the bottom of the bra. And they send you all the instructions when your Upbra order arrives, and it even has pictures so have no fear!  

Upbras are amazing. Their size range goes up to DDD and no matter which style you choose, YOU are always in control of your cleavage and lift. 
 So now that I introduced you to Upbra let me show you the bras I've been wearing. The Maximum Cleavage Strapless Bra is a must have for every woman. Obviously it's great when you are wearing a fancy dress but even in the summer I like to wear sleeveless tops and I don't want bra straps showing.    
 See the inside of the bra cups? That's where the control straps are hiding.  This bra comes with straps if you want to add them too. So really, it's a staple that you MUST have.  The wings on this bra have a special vinyl that runs along the top and bottom and keeps the bra from budging.  I love that I don't have to worry about constantly adjusting it and pulling it up.  The straps that come with it can be worn in all sorts of ways depending on what top you have on and what your needs are.  And it comes in white, nude, black and red.  Ladies - the nude is for sure a must have!!
 My other staple bra in my wardrobe is the Perfect T-shirt Bra.  It's smooth and seamless which allows it to look perfect under thin shirts or dresses without having to worry about seams popping through.  It's seriously so comfortable that I wear it every day and it's amazing to have a bra that is great for everyday wear but can also feel sexy even with low-cut tops or dresses.

This bra comes in nude, black, and white.  And another amazing thing about this bra is that it's great when I need kept in place when I'm really active.  I wouldn't wear it as a sports bra or anything but when I'm doing really physical activity in the yard or around the house I am surprised at how comfortable it is. 

Another great thing about Upbra bras are that they are perfect for women with uneven sizing and let's be honest - none of us are even.  You can adjust the cleavage straps for more lift on the side that's lacking.  This seriously solves a million of my problems.  

All Upbras are made in the USA and I couldn't be more pleased with my Upbra experience.  So to help you try Upbra for yourself I have a coupon code! Use code WB-10D-11 for $10 off your order at Upbra!

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