The Art of Gift Giving [It's Really Not That Hard]

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sometimes I hear people say things like "I am so bad at gift giving, I never know what to get someone."  Or they ask "How are you so good at getting the right gifts for people?"

Well, today's post is your answer, folks! It's not rocket science, I promise.  I think what happens is people get nervous when they think of having to "impress" someone with a gift.   First of all, no one (unless they are uber-materialistic) is going to rate you on your gift and most people are just grateful you thought of them....which is why you have to THINK of them when you choose a gift. 

So I'm going to walk you through how to pick great gifts for everyone on your Christmas list, and for future holidays and birthdays and other occasions. 

[1] Think of the person, not the price/occasion.
You can have a budget in mind but when you are brainstorming ideas for gifts just focus on the type of item someone would like. If it's someone who doesn't like to own a lot of "stuff", an experience (or certificate for an experience) makes a great gift.  If it's someone who loves travelling, think of items they might need like carry-on kits, airplane pillows, or even binoculars if you know they like sight seeing outdoors.

[2] Browse catalogs or gift guides.
Visit some of your favorite websites that have a variety of things to shop for and look up "gift ideas for her/him/parents" or whatever the recipient's relationship is to you.  Bloggers spend time each year making gift guides to give you inspiration.  I get random catalogs in the mail and I may not order from them specifically but I definitely get ideas of items people on my list will like and then I can look for variations of those items elsewhere or for a better price.  Here are some gift guides I've posted over the years.
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[3] You always win with gift cards.
Gift cards may seem like an easy way out and they are, but you can still be creative with them.   Here are some random examples of how I think myself through what stores someone would appreciate a gift card to.
*For the person who always has car issues and has to replace things (themselves) try a gift card to an auto supply store.
*For the person that LOVES eating out or doesn't get to do it enough, get the a gift card to a restaurant they always go to or even a new place you think they'd like to try.
*For someone who is struggling majorly with money and always living paycheck to paycheck a gift card to a grocery store can be a big relief.
*For the online shopping addict you can always try and Amazon or eBay gift card.
It's not that hard, see? Just think of the traits of the person on your list and then what stores they can benefit from.

Some people seem to have everything and you can't possibly get them something they don't already have, right? But you can! Trust me.  Just think what the person likes or does.  Do they always have candles burning in their home? Get them candles or a wax warmer.  Do they love decorating their home? Get them a throw blanket or pillows.  Do they spend time on their porch or patio often? Get them a decorative lantern for their space. Are they an avid/obsessive runner? There are awesome safety items like lights that go on their knuckles, as well as bright headbands, etc.  People that love their dog/cat would appreciate a decorative treat jar. 

[5] You can't go wrong with some gifts.
If you're still stressed, just know that there's a few things you can't possibly go wrong with.  Cash for instance can be used on anything.  Spa gift cards will ALWAYS brighten someone's day.  If you know where they get their hair or nails done, a certificate to that place will win them over. 

[6] Custom gifts always impress.
You can't go wrong with a customized gift.  Whether you get someone a canvas print of one of the best photos of themselves, their family, or their pet, or you decide to get a customized kitchen sign for the friend who loves to cook, these are always from the heart. The fact that you took the time out to have a welcome mat personalized with their last name, a garage sign (I did this for James one year) for the guy who loves tinkering with his car, or a pet bed with the name of the pet sewn on, for your crazy cat lady aunt will mean so much to them!

So don't panic. Just take some time to think.   Brainstorm on paper if you have to.   I promise you it just takes a little thinking and then you'll be as good as I am! ;)

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