7 Unusual (But Fun) Activities For Your Next Girls’ Night

Thursday, August 29, 2019

We all love a girls’ night — it’s a great excuse to hang out with our gal pals, drink wine and leave our partners to watch football and do guy stuff.

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, many of us have a regular girls night pencilled in — but sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do. Or perhaps you’re a bit bored of just going round to Janet’s house for the same meatballs and chardonnay combination, and you want to add a bit of sparkle to your girlie night.

That’s why we’ve gathered up seven of the best unusual (but fun) activities for your next girls' night — read on for inspiration!

1. Retro night out — did someone say karaoke?
Who doesn’t love a retro night out?! If you and your girlfriends have been friends since school, chances are that you’ve seen a fair few decades together (and experiences those early days of going out clubbing and getting silly drunk in your early 20s!)

Why not revisit those decades and have a retro night out with the girls? There’s bound to be a themed night out (think 80s and 90s) in a local bar or club, so get that date in your diary for your next girls' night: bonus points if you manage to organize a trip to one of your old haunts. And make sure you go full fancy dress if you’re having an 80s night! Yes, we’re talking full neon and leg-warmers.

If fancy-dress is a huge no-no for you, then check out this post for some advice on what to wear on a girls’ night out. 

2. Poker night in
If you plan it properly, poker night can be the perfect activity for your next girls' night.

Everyone loves a good games night, and nothing says classy like poker. If you want to jazz up your night and make it extra special, you can even dress up in cocktail dresses and go full casino royale.

If you’re hosting, Online Casinos’ guide to throwing the perfect poker night details a few key things to remember. These include making sure you get plenty of chips and dips in and not forgetting to keep that bar stocked up! If you’re trying to do it on a budget, then you can ask your girlfriends to bring all of the different components of your chosen cocktails and make your martinis once everyone has arrived. 

3. Comedy show
Going to comedy shows used to be more commonplace, but they’re more unusual these days (we blame the rise of Netflix and podcasts).

If you and your girlfriends fancy a different type of girls’ night, then why not hit your local comedy club? Who knows, you might stumble upon America’s next big comedian (and if the show is really awful, at least you’ll have some great stories to tell afterwards).
4. Murder mystery

Ah yes — a girls’ night in with a difference. A murder mystery is the perfect antidote to your regular girls' night of chattering, and great if you want some good old fashioned organized fun.

Whether it’s a glam 1920s dinner party, a haunted house, or mystery at the manor, there are plenty of all-female murder mystery games available. Pretend to be someone else for the night, get your fancy dress on, and get yourself into character. Who knows where the night will end up… and who will survive?

5. Wine tasting
The ultimate classy girls’ night activity. I mean, we all love wine. Why not make it official and do a wine tasting?

If you fancy splurging, then go to a wine tasting event at a local winery or shop where you can be talked through the different types by an expert — and mingle! (Wine tastings are a great place for making new friends or meeting potential love interests).

If you want to do your wine tasting on a budget, you can just host it at home instead; get each of your girlfriends to bring a bottle. Don’t forget food to cleanse your pallet (cough, soak up the alcohol, cough) — finish off the theme by buying some french sticks, cheese and paté!
6. A night at the museum
If you fancy injecting a bit of culture and sophistication in your next girls’ night, then a trip to the museum could be just the thing for you.

Some city museums offer after-hours or twilight events with drinks, music and access to exhibits, so how about taking your crew there for an unusual alternative girls’ night activity?

If this isn’t available near you, you could always do an afternoon trip to a museum or gallery and then have dinner at a fancy restaurant afterwards to discuss all the culture you’ve just absorbed.
7. Movie night
So we’ve all had the girls round for a movie and a chill before — that isn’t unusual. However, what we’re talking about is a way to inject some extra fun and pizazz into your regular movie night.

Instead of just whacking on the latest rom-com, why not take the girls to a drive-in or outdoor cinema? These balmy summer nights are perfect for a movie night, and there are events all over the country for just that. Make sure you bring beer and snacks!

If the weather isn’t holding up, then you could also go to a late-night showing at your local theatre. Extra popcorn, please.

Girls’ night doesn’t just have to mean wine and bitching about your husband’s bad habits. There are tons of amazing and unusual activities that you can take part in — so get out there and do something fun!

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