4 Ways to Style a Simple Tank Top

Thursday, August 1, 2019

4 Ways to Style a Simple Tank Top

This time of year it can get so hot and humid that you won't want to wear any sort of top other than a tank top.  At least that's how it is for me because I really can't tolerate the sticky sauna feeling when I walk outside during a humid heatwave.  But if that's the case for you too, you're in luck because today I have 4 ways to style a simple tank!

 Strappy Layering with Distressed Shorts
So here's one of my favorite things to do with a tank top...I layer it with a little bralette underneath to add some fun straps at the chest area and then I pair it with distressed shorts that add some fun to the whole look. I love bralette tops because if I actually wore 2 tank tops I'd be way too hot! 
 Strappy Tank with Simple Shorts and Sandals
If you have a simple tank that has a cool design in the neckline, you're in luck because then you only have to wear one layer on the top half of you body. I usually pair that up with a simple pear of casual denim shorts and some flip flops. 
 Layering with Color
I love layering, as you can already tell but I especially love it when I can use one color bralette and another color tank top.  I even added another pop of color in with the peach pocket of my distressed denim shorts. 

Keep it Light

So if you HAVE to be outside  because you've been invited somewhere, stick to light colors and airy fabrics.  These capris I wear often are super light and keep me cool.  I don't always wear shorts because I hate leg sweat and how my thighs rub together!  Opt for a white tank top and to add some color choose a pair of strappy wedge sandals or strappy flat sandals. 

 What's your go to outfit in the stifling heat of Summer?

4 Ways to Style a Simple Tank Top

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  1. I have been wearing a lot of dresses. To beat the heat.



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