Smudging 101 | What Is It, How To Do It, + What's The Point?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Smudging 101 | What Is It, How To Do It, + What's The Point?

If you've been following me on Instagram you'll see all the fun earthy goddess type things I share including how I smudge my house every time there's a new or full moon. Many people have been asking what the heck smudging is, if it's legit, and how they can do it in their own home or sacred space.  So today I'm answering ALL of those questions. 


Smudging has been around since ancient times, with the belief that the smoke of the herbs, flowers, and plants they burned helps raise vibrations, assist with spiritual activities, and rids your space of negativity.   Think of it as a spiritual house cleaning.   The overall belief is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energies and as the smoke clears, it takes the negative energies with it.   

On a very basic level, smudging is a cheap and easy way to cleanse yourself and your space and you can do it when you're feeling sad, exhausted, or even sick.  Some people smudge during meditation and prayer.  

So one of the most common herbs found in a smudge stick is sage.  I personally LOVE the smell of sage but some people don't.  But generally you have an herb like sage, rosemary, thyme, mugwort, palo santo, or lavender.   Based on what your trying to manifest and what kind of energy you want (we'll cover the below), you simply pick or purchase the herbs, and hang them to dry.  Once they are dry you basically just wrap them in a bundle with string.     

To smudge you just light one end of your smudge stick and let it burn for a few seconds until the flame puts itself out.  Then you can either blow on the lit end to fan the embers or you can use a feather.  You'll see the smudge stick glow.  You can walk through each room of your house wafting the smoke or you can just bask in it yourself.  A heatproof dish or even an abalone shell is VERY necessary to hold the smudge stick when you're done using it. 

When I smudge, I envision what my intentions are and see them manifesting in the smoke.  If I want to cleanse my house I imagine any bad energy getting consumed by the smoke and leaving my house.   

You can smudge as much as you want, whenever you want, and however you want.  

The true effects of smudging depend on the types of herbs being used but studies have shown that smudging certain herbs can change the molecular structure of air and energy.  It can actually purify the air of about 94% of harmful bacteria for a 24 hour period.   It's also been shown to turn all the positive ions around you back into negative ones so it keeps the atmosphere you're affected by in tip top shape.   When tensions are high, the air has a thick odd feeling to it but a positive environment feels so light and airy.  

Smudging has also been shown to have antiseptic properties.  That's great news for pretty much any household. 

Smudging can help you calm down and stay relaxed.  It can relieve stress and lower blood pressure as the negative ions are absorbed directly into our bloodstreams.  They work to normalize your serotonin levels. 

Like I said before you just need string and scissors to harvest some herbs.   Below is a list of some popular herbs and what they manifest: 
Basil | Love + Happiness
Calendula | Love and Constancy
Cedar | Banishing Fear + Enhancing Psychic Powers
Chamomile | Protection + Purification
Sage | Clearing Negative Energies + Healing
Dandelion | Wish Magic + Spell Calling 
Lavender | Peace + Relaxation + Restful Sleep 
Peppermint | Protection + Healing + Nurturing
Rosemary | Removing Negative Energies

If you find other herbs you would like to use just google their healing properties or google what herbs are best for _________ and then you'll know what to look for. 

I hope this post has helped clear up your questions and assumptions about smudging.  Now go get you some (here are some smudge kits on Amazon) and clear the negativity away! 

Smudging 101 | What Is It, How To Do It, + What's The Point?

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