How to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Anyone that has ever made money through a service or business knows that the most important thing is customer satisfaction. And how do we achieve customer satisfaction? We achieve it through great customer service of course which goes beyond just helping a customer that comes to you with an issue.  Great customer service begins the moment a potential customer comes your way. 

 So let's take a closer look at how to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in business

First, you want to offer a solution, service, or product that meets the need of the customer right away.  So when you design your service or product, think of what problem or need it's solving.   A customer wants something that will help them and if they get that, they'll be satisfied, right?  

Next, you need to make sure your service or product meets a need BETTER than other services or products.  To keep a customer satisfied, you gotta have the best of the best.  So whether that means a  better price, better options, or better solutions, make sure yours stands out from the rest.  Research your industry and see what else is out there so you know what customers have to choose from. 

You also want to make it easy to navigate and purchase the service or product you offer.  A customer will be satisfied with an easy to use purchasing system, quick delivery, and a personal note from you.  Receipts often contain a personal note from the company which makes it that much more special.   

Now, if a customer has an issue with something, they are already dissatisfied, so that means you now have to above and beyond to make them happy again.  If you screw something up on your end, offer them a free coupon for next time or refund part of their payment.   If they reach out to you with an issue, be very personal and helpful in your response.  Follow up with them until you know they are 100% satisfied. 

Do your best to go out of your way to meet the customer's need.  Some customers of course can never be pleased, but you still need to go above and beyond to make their experience better.  You should also be very attentive to any social media inquiries or emails from unhappy customers because if you don't, they can go viral as they await your response.  When you tend to them right away, it makes the customer feel serviced immediately and they won't keep escalating their complaint publicly. 

So now you know that a customer may not always be happy, but you can work diligently to resolve any issues to create an overall better experience as a customer.  And yes, there is a saying that the customer is always right, but you should still handle everything with caution on your end because there are scammers out there and people that just want to take advantage of that ideal. 

Have you ever had a good or bad experience with customer satisfaction?

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