Fall Garden To Do List

Monday, September 19, 2022


It's now mid September which means Fall is arriving and it's time to tend do your garden beds again after a nice Summer season of blooming and vegetable production.  Here's some ideas for your Fall Garden to do list.

Deadhead Fall Blooms
If you have mums or other Fall flowers, keep up with deadheading any of the blooms that have are now dying. This helps keep rejuvenating the plant so the energy goes to the new blooms that are about to open. 
Cut back Spring or Summer Blooms
If you have flowers that are done blooming for the year, you can begin to cut them back.  This will let the go dormant and prepare for blooming next year.  This is pretty much something I always do right away for my perennials. 
Harvest Herbs
Now is the perfect time to do a final big harvest of your herbs that you've been growing.  Once you harvest them you can use them fresh, dry them and store them for use during the cold weather months, or do whatever you wish with them.  The Summer heat tends to slow the growth on certain herbs so you should get them now before they die off and no more new growth happens. 
Harvest and Store Summer Veggies
This is also the time to harvest the rest of your vegetables and make sure you store them and prepare them (canning, etc.) for use over the next few months.  If your plants are completely done, you can pull them and throw them in your compost bin.  

Prune Trees and Shrubs
Before you do this, look up the specific trees and shrubs in your yard and see if Fall pruning is recommended.  It's a good time to take care of these tasks now since the weather shouldn't be too hot and your trees and shrubs will be healthier come Spring. 

Till the Soil
If you are done with certain vegetable garden beds, you can till the soil a bit and mix some compost in.  It's also nice to leave your beds covered with mulch or dead leaves so that critters can find protection in the Winter and your soil will become very rich from the fertilizer.
Plant Cool Crops
I'm in Pennsylvania so in September we can usually plant another round of cool weather crops like lettuces and kale and get another harvest from them.  Look up online what dates are suggesting for Fall planting of cool crops in your area. 
Remember that Fall is when things slow down and Winter is when things rest.  It may look and feel depressing, but Spring will be here again and new growth will arrive. 

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