Things To Do To Prepare For Winter

Wednesday, September 14, 2022


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Winter will soon arrive. Large portions of the winter weather included storms, snow, ice, and power outages. More severe weather is expected in the coming months. Because of this, it's critical to take quick action to get ready for how cooler temperatures and harsh weather may affect your health, your home, and your car.

Organise the exterior of your home

By going outside and performing some crucial inspections, you can make sure your property is prepared for any severe winter weather. Start by making sure there are no damaged or loose slates or tiles on your roof. Ask a roofer for assistance if you don't feel secure handling the situation on your own or if you have questions.

To avoid a buildup of leaves or other materials creating a leak or water damage, make sure all gutters and drains are clean of debris while considering the condition of your roof. Again, if you don't have the right ladders or a head for heights, you might want to hire a professional for assistance.

Consider any other tasks you haven't gotten to yet this year while you're outside, such as getting the septic services sorted, replacing the bulb in your security light, fixing a damaged gate, or filling in gaps and missing render in paving stones or walls. Taking care of these problems now will assist you avoid any unpleasant winter surprises.

Garden weatherproofing

When performing checks outside, don't forget to examine your garden. Make sure everything is secure and watch out for items like trampolines and outdoor furniture that could blow over and cause damage. Consider whether any branches need to be cut to prevent damage to your property or leaves clogging your gutters and drains because your trees may have grown over the summer.

Rake up any leaves that have already fallen onto your path from your trees to prevent them from becoming a slipping hazard. Don't forget to replenish your birdfeeder and water bowls to accommodate garden visitors like birds.

Check your batteries

Even if they luckily don't happen often, severe winter weather can still result in power outages, and being prepared will make handling one lot simpler. If you have a torch, make sure the batteries are in good shape. If not, get comfortable using the torch app on your smartphone. Additionally, you might want to keep some candles and matches nearby in your home.

Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace them if necessary while you're thinking about batteries.

Insulate to prevent heat loss

A non-insulated home loses about 25% of its heat through the roof. And simply insulating the loft, you might reduce your energy costs. So, think about doing your own loft insulation installation or request an estimate from a seasoned contractor.

Consider insulating your floors as well as your walls (determine if they are solid or cavity walls). Additionally, consider using draught-proofing strips and excluders to stop draughts from entering via the chimney for an efficient DIY way to keep heat in.

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