What To Know When Starting To Get Sober

Friday, September 30, 2022


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Struggling with addiction is difficult, and it places a significant strain on all aspects of your life. At some point, you’ll find yourself wanting to get sober. When you’re in the midst of substance use, this seems impossible.

As you find out more about the path to sobriety, starting to get sober seems more straightforward. While there’ll inevitably be work involved, you’ll be able to get there. You’ll need to keep three things in mind when you’re doing so.
Starting To Get Sober: 3 Things To Know
1. Recovery Isn’t Linear

Recovery isn’t a straight line and you’ll have multiple ups and downs during the process. You’ll need to be aware of this and have ways to manage how you feel and behave when they happen.

You’ll need to be honest with yourself during this time, as it lets you understand these ups and downs while figuring out why they’re happening. Keep this in mind from the start so you can better deal with them when they come up.

Things that can help with this include imagining a sober life, holding yourself accountable, and being willing to make changes.
2. You’ll Need Support

You’ll need some kind of support when you’re starting to get sober. It’s almost impossible to do everything yourself. Even if you can, having someone to rely on makes things much easier. Friends and family can be a great place to start.

They’ll be people who love you and want you to lead a happy and healthy life. Getting emotional support from your family and friends gives you a way to manage when your feelings are overwhelming.

It can also help with urges, as they can distract you during these times and minimize your chances of relapsing. At the same time, they can keep you accountable for your actions and stay on the path to recovery.
3. Professional Help Is Needed

As much support as you might have from friends and family, sometimes you’ll need more than this. You’ll likely need to seek professional help from the Delphi Behavioral Health (delphihealthgroup.com) Group or similar organizations for this.

Doing this lets you start building your foundation for sobriety, while giving you the skills and tools you’ll need to maintain it. At the same time, professionals can help you understand the addiction and what caused it.

The more you understand this, the better you can understand why you started abusing any substances. You can figure out the best path forward with this.
Starting To Get Sober: Wrapping Up

Starting to get sober can be the most difficult part of the process. You’ll not only need to accept there’s a problem - and be willing to address it - but you’ll have to figure out what you need to do. It can be a confusing and emotionally overwhelming time.

By getting support from friends and family, looking into professional help, and keeping in mind recovery isn’t a straight line, you’ll be much more prepared to get there. Sobriety will be much closer than you’d think, and you can manage it long term.

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