The Ultimate Fall Prep Checklist

Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Fall is arriving and that means a whole new set of seasonal tasks and things to deal with and worry about and stay on top of.  So today I'm helping you make a checklist of your own of things you can do NOW to prepare for Fall!


Yard and Garden
Your yard and garden spaces can really overwhelm you if you don't stay on top of the Fall prep for them.  Some ideas of tasks to do with these spaces include: 
Pull weeds
Deadhead and pull flowers and plantings 
Wash and scrub furniture and decor
Plant bulbs for Spring
Prune shrubs
Discard broken or unwanted decor and accessories
Store away Summer items until next year 

Inside the Home
Well, now here's a fun one... inside your house needs some attention too. Summer is great but we tend to neglect our inside spaces since we're so busy enjoying the outdoors.  Fall cleaning is a thing so without further ado...some tasks for inside your home include: 
Dusting high and low
Cleaning walls
Cleaning every surface even the baseboards
Deep cleaning furniture and area rugs or carpets
Cleaning the fridge and freezer
Cleaning the dishwasher filter
Cleaning exhaust fans and filters
Clean closets and store away off season clothing, bring out current season options
Financial tasks are always a burden but they are very important. Here's some to include in your own checklist: 
Balance your budget
Review subscriptions and choose which to renew or cancel
Evaluate utility bills and see where you can save
Create a spending budget for the holiday season
When it comes to social life and fun tasks like that, there's still a list to make! Some items to include are: 
Schedule fall-related events (orchards, haunted houses, etc.) 
Begin planning for holiday meals and parties
Restock alcohol and party supplies
Check pantry for items expiring soon and write them in to upcoming meal plans
Schedule regular meet ups with friends and family 
Of course you will have your own tasks to add in with some of these but hopefully this gets the ball rolling for you. 

Happy Fall!

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