9 Non-Negotiable Features Your Home Should Have

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

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While your home should be beautiful, it should also be functional. It should offer features that make your life enjoyable to live, particularly when you are in the house. It shouldn’t feel like an ordeal.

This post looks at some non-negotiable features your home should have. We take a look at some of the items homeowners are desperate to own and what you should add. Read below to learn more.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Indoor kitchens used to suffice, but not anymore. Today, outdoor kitchens are all the rage. These let you entertain your guests alfresco while preparing their food at the same time.

Cooking outdoors is also a primal experience. It’s what our ancestors did and something that many people enjoy immensely. It feels natural and healthy to cook in the open air.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Pet-Friendly spaces are also making their appearance. Instead of getting pets to share 100 percent of your accommodation with you, you provide them with a unique space that meets their needs and where there aren’t so many rules.

Pet-friendly spaces can be outside, but most people these days are choosing to put them indoors. Perhaps you could convert a mud room or even one of your outhouses if you have one.

Central Vacuum System

Central heating, mains gas, and electricity are all great additions to your home. But what about a central vacuum system?

It sounds crazy, but it’s one of the best inventions ever if you can afford it.

The way it works is simple: you just plug your vacuum attachments into sockets on the wall and then turn on your central vacuum cleaner. Then you can clean all your rooms without having to lug a great big Dyson around with you all the time.

Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplaces

In the Georgian and Victoria eras, people built floor-to-ceiling fireplaces as the centerpieces of their rooms. It was a great way to make an impression and guests loved it.

Today, such constructions are even rarer. And that’s why you should consider them. Having a floor-to-ceiling fireplace transforms your living room into something rather special indeed.

Heated Garages

Imagine the luxury of being able to go into your garage during the winter and for it not to be freezing cold. Well, that’s something more homeowners are choosing in 2023. They want garages that are warm and toasty, just like the rest of their properties.

Radiators are a major hassle in the garage, so people are using underfloor heating instead. They want the whole space to feel great while they work on their cars or bicycles. And they want to be able to spend real time there instead of always feeling like they have to rush off and do the next thing.

A Wine Cellar

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Wine cellars are also becoming more popular, according to experts, like Posada Custom Homes. Families want bespoke storage areas that keep their vintages at just the right temperature for years on end. You used to do this by digging a stone cellar beneath the foundations, but that’s quite old-school now. The modern method is to bore into the ground below people’s kitchens and provide them with extra space that way.

Large Mudrooms

Active families also want large mudrooms that let them get inside quickly but also protect their homes’ interiors at the same time. Mudrooms are the perfect option, providing a space to take off muddy boots and shoes and remove dirty clothes before getting into the main home. It’s also a great place for brushing down filthy dogs after winter walks or a jaunt in a local river.

Accessible Laundry Rooms

We’re also seeing an uptick in the number of accessible laundry rooms people are installing in their homes. Previously, the laundry room was just a small utility space stuffed out of the way with barely any room to turn around. Now, though, it’s becoming a room in its own right with plenty of areas to sit down and watch clothes going around in the machine. Accessibility is changing how people interact with their washing and making it far more enjoyable for them. It’s not just about getting in and out as quickly as possible.

Custom Shelving

Lastly, we’re seeing the inexorable rise of custom shelving. Homeowners want spaces in their properties that let them store all their possessions with ease, without having to resort to make-shift methods. They want the freedom to keep everything looking neat and tidy without constantly worrying about where something is going to go. It’s essential for anyone with a large DVD collection.

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