A Checklist for Preparing for the New Year Ahead

Monday, December 19, 2022


We have almost made it through 2022 and I know it hasn't been the easiest.  I have had a rough year with lots of ups and downs but I am ready for 2023.  One of the things I do every December is begin to prepare all aspects of my life for the new year so today I'm giving you some suggestions for a checklist of your own so you head into 2023 prepared!

Get Your Calendar Ready
The best way to keep your life in order is to get a 2023 calendar. This is where you can work ahead and put important dates down, plan vacations, note your medical appointments, and make little to do lists on sticky notes for future months. 
Medical Appointments
Make sure you have made your 2023 doctor's appointments.  If it's too early to make some, write them on a stick note and put them on your calendar for a month or so ahead so when that month comes you will be reminded you need to make them.  Some medical providers have long waiting lists so making the appointments well ahead of time can guarantee you'll get seen. 
Prep for Tax Season
I have written before about how to prepare for tax season but now is the perfect time to do it.  Just as my post says, make a list of what you need, start gathering what you can, and keep on top of things you need to look into so you can get your taxes filed as soon as you have all your necessary paperwork.  

Plan Projects
If you want to get some home projects done, start planning them out now.  Choose different months for different projects and make to do lists of what you'll need, a potential budget for the projects, and what parts of the work you'll do at what time.  This makes it much less overwhelming. 

Revisit Your Budget
Now is a great time to set some financial goals for next year and re-evaluate your current spending so you're on the right path. I have already written about how to make a budget so check it out! 

Plan Vacations and Time Off
Start thinking of when you want to take time off from work (and get those requests in early!) as well as where you may want to travel for vacation this upcoming year.  Start planning the logistics of your trips early so you can get better deals and have something to look forward to. 

Make Monthly To Do Lists
Take all the things you want to do this year or manage around your home (replacing filters, etc.) and make a to do list for each month. Put everything on a monthly sticky note and place it on that month in your calendar so as soon as you turn to a specific month you'll see what needs done.  This gets those items out of your brain and on paper so you aren't constantly worrying about them or trying to remember them. 
Hopefully these things help you prepare for an organized and successful 2023!

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