How To Help Prepare Your Home For The Winter Weather

Monday, December 12, 2022


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When the weather starts to change and it becomes a lot colder and the weather becomes harsher. We tend to hibernate back into our homes a bit more. When we’re in our homes a lot more, we start to notice a few issues that could arise with the cold weather. When it’s cold, the air can become quite moist especially indoors when you have the heating on and the condensation on the windows can turn into mould. So there are a lot of things going on and those things that you can do in preparation to prevent or lessen the effects of winter weather on your home.
Moisture in the home

If our windows are not insulated properly and it’s cold outside or snowing and then you’ve got the heating on indoors to keep you warm, you can have condensation and a lot of times you may wake up to it on your windows with them being wet on the inside. a quick way to tackle this is as the sealant can have wear and tear over time is to seal the windows by getting some insulation tape from your local DIY store and adding this onto the window as well as any doors which may have not very good sealant on this can help prevent all the moisture coming in through the cracks and the little spaces in the windows and doors. If you have a crawlspace in your home, you may also get a lot of moisture from that and you could get crawlspace insulation installed to help prepare your home to tackle the moisture problem. You can also get a draft excluder switch on the go around the bottom of the doors and the letterbox as that’s another area where cold weather may seep into your hip.

Check your roof

You may notice over the years that you may have a few missing tiles on your roof or a few that may have come out of place or broken from sorts of different situations. When the roofs start to be damaged. It can also let out the heat that you are trying to warm your hair, but which can be a lot more expensive with energy costs. So check your roof in advance and get it checked by a professional then you can address any roof repairs needed before the cold weather so that it’s all ready for the hot weather on its way.

Clean your gutters

When your gutters haven’t been checked for a long time, they may be full of leaves and blockages. This can then cause issues down the line when you have heavy rainfall or snow and can also then damage the gutters themselves. It’s also best to check if your gutter brackets need to be replaced S that are blocked for years then you need to get them dealt with by a specialist if you’re not able to empty them yourselves, as leaving them over a long period of time can also lead to damp in your home

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