Tips for Winter Running

Tuesday, December 13, 2022


 As a runner, my personal favorite season is Winter.  I enjoy running in the cold because it's easier for me to breathe, I can actually run faster, and I barely sweat like I do during Summer runs.  This makes it easier for me to wash my hair less and helps me feel more productive during the months we are generally stuck inside. That being said, I have a few times for my fellow runners considering running this Winter.  It's definitely different than other times of the year so hopefully these tips help you boost your running game.

Dress Appropriately
Everyone is different when it comes to how they can tolerate cold.  I've read that the more you run in the cold, the more your body is able to regulate it's temperature.  Over time, I am barely phased by the cold so I don't need to dress in the same layers I would if I was walking.  About two minutes into my run I am heating up and if I dress in too many layers I get hot FAST.  Test it out yourself and see what works for you.  If it's in the 40's I usually wear a long sleeve shirt and long running pants.  In the 30's I wear the same but add a running jacket and sometimes gloves. In the 20's and below I wear long sleeves, long pants, and a heavier running jacket as well as gloves.  That's usually all.  If you are worried about not having enough layers, wear them, but know that if you get too hot you can take a layer off in the middle of your run. 
Be Mindful of Road Conditions
If you run outdoors like I do, you will certainly be impacted by snow and ice.  I am always very careful running in these conditions.  I take it slower so I can see where I'm going.  I always have lights on me to see right ahead of myself.  If I come to an area where there's snow or ice sometimes I stop and penguin walk over it and then continue running afterwards.  If it's too treacherous, by all means, DO NOT RUN. Better to skip a day than get an injury. 
Consider Visibility
If you run in the morning or in the evening in the Winter, it's usually dark which makes it even more important to be visible to others. I always wear a safety vest that reflects light and I run with Knuckle Lights so I can see in front of me and make sure that drivers see that I'm there. I wear light colors and my running jackets for cold weather are bright pink and bright green. 
Stay Motivated
I know it's hard to stay active in the Winter but remember there are many benefits to it.  It's not as hot and uncomfortable to run outdoors like it is in the humid summer months.  It's rewarding because even if the weather is chilly and gloomy, you will still feel good getting your exercise in. Spending time outdoors even in the Winter is good for the soul as well. 

Are you going to be running these next few months?

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