How to Style Sequin Dresses for Every Occasion

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Incorporating the right accessories into your outfit can elevate your look from boring to dazzling. Stick to neutral or metallic color shoes and bags for a chic look.

Since sequin dresses sparkle on their own, your jewelry should be minimal. Silver and gold earrings without stones are a great choice.

Dress Up

Depending on the occasion, sequin dresses like those from the Tadashi Shoji collection can look chic and sophisticated or sexy and flirty. If you're wearing one of the sparkly black dresses at a holiday party, pair it with pumps or heels in the same color to create an elegant ensemble. The right shoes instantly elevate your outfit and help you stand out in a crowd.

If you're wearing a silver sequin dress for a daytime event, such as a brunch or a girls' night out, opt for a denim jacket to keep your look casual and not too formal. You can also add a white scarf for a pop of color and to tie your look together.

A statement necklace is a great way to add glitz and glamor to your look, especially with a high-neck sequin dress. You can also wear a small link bracelet, cuff, or charm bracelet with short-sleeve and sleeveless sequin dresses.

It's important to avoid too much "glitter," however, or you might turn into a human disco ball, and none of us want that. For this reason, solid-colored heels, flats, or ankle boots are recommended for sequin dresses. Avoid iridescent or glittery shoes, which can distract from your gorgeous party outfit.

Dress Down

If you're not careful, sequins can be too much, but they also look great with neutral accessories and versatile shoes. If you're looking for a way to dress down a sequin outfit, try pairing your party frock with simple booties. Black ankle boots are a classic choice, but you can wear white or red for a trendy look.

A long necklace is another accessory that can help dress down a sequin dress. When choosing a necklace, select one that isn't too flashy and matches the neckline of your outfit. Strapless and off-the-shoulder sequin dresses work best with simple solid-colored necklaces, while v-neck designs allow you to get away with slightly longer pendant styles.

Layer your dress over a soft sweater for a casual take on your sequin outfit. You can choose a sweater in the same color as your dress, or you can opt for a knit that adds a little contrast to your look. Lastly, finish off your outfit with leather boots or a denim jacket.

While it's important to remember that too many accessories can make a sequin dress look overwhelming, you should always be bold and experiment with new styling methods. Remember to wear your standout outfit with a smile, and don't be afraid to dance the night away!

Add Color

There's nothing more eye-catching than a sparkly sequin dress. They are perfect for night outs, girls' nights, galas and other formal occasions. However, knowing how to dress them down is the key to getting the most out of these glamorous styles.

Sequins dresses are often made from metallic materials but can also be decorated with sparkling details like beads and stones. This makes pairing with other shimmery fabrics like velvet, or satin is easy. Look for shoes, clutches and light outerwear in the same sheeny color to keep your outfit cohesive without competing with the shine of your sequins dress. Simple jewelry in small earrings and chokers will complement rather than compete with your shimmery accessories.

You can also experiment with adding pops of color to your look by choosing heels and bags in different hues. Just add only a little, or you could look overdressed. Try starting with one color that compliments the sparkle of your dress and working your way up to bolder shades if you feel comfortable.

You can also wear a leather or denim jacket over your sequin dress. This will give your outfit a modern twist and make it more casual while keeping you warm.


Whether going to a cocktail party, a birthday party, or a new year's Eve, a sequin dress can make you look flawless and drop-dead gorgeous. All you need to do is choose a color that suits your mood and pair it with the right accessories. 

Sparkly accessories are a must for any sequin dress. However, it is important to only over-accessorizing with a few shiny items. More accessorizing can take away from the sparkle and shine of your dress. It's also best to opt for a minimalistic approach to your footwear. Avoid shoes with too much detailing, as they will look too heavy on the feet and may distract from your look.

A simple, neutral-colored shoe will work best with your dress. You can add a pair of sneakers or boots to your outfit for a casual and chic vibe. However, be careful with the style of boots you choose. For example, skin-tight tall sock booties could be too bulky for your outfit. Over-the-knee boots can be too dramatic and might look over the top compared to your sequin dress.

Wearing patterned tights is another great way to add color to your outfit. A pair of sheer stockings with a sheen will also look stunning on your legs and add glamor to your outfit.

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