Styling Outdoor Living Areas

Monday, July 3, 2023


When the weather is nice (basically any season except winter) the decor on the outside of your home like in a sunroom, on a patio/deck, or around the entry to your home is very important.   Not that there's anything wrong with a simple minimal look on the outside or anything, but a lot of people spend A LOT of time in their outdoor living spaces.  When you spend a lot of time in a certain part of your home, you tend to want to spruce up the looks of it.  That's why I have some tips on how to style and decorate your home with outdoor decor.

Choose neutral for the base colors.
So for the big furniture pieces you should always opt for a neutral color like brown or white.  You can obviously change the cushions whenever you want, but you want everything to match.  Of course if you don't care and you want really bright decor all the way around, feel free to mix and match. 

Opt for fun bright patterns.
Stripes look great outdoors when it comes to rugs and pillows.  And it doesn't matter what color it is as long as it's bright and fun.  We have a bright green rug and a blue striped pillows and I love how they look together. 

Real plants and flowers are a must. 
They can easily spruce up an area and they add good energy.  Faux plants are okay for inside but always go for real plants and flowers on the outside.  A vase with freshly picked flowers looks great on the dining table in our screened in porch. 

Garden stools are great. 
I love garden stools and I especially love using them inside. Sometimes I use them as extra seating and sometimes as an end table to hold a plant or a drink.  They're so versatile! 

How do you style your outdoor living space? 

Styling Your Home with Outdoor Decor

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