Summer Shoe Must Haves

Wednesday, July 12, 2023


Summer is the best time of year for footwear because there are so many different options.  It's not just different colors but different heel types, different strap styles, different designs, and different comfort levels.   So here are 5 styles of shoes you NEED in your closet for the Summer!

 Colorful Sandals
Whether they are wedge heels or flat sandals, a colorful pair is the perfect edition to any neutral outfit or when you want to make a color in your wardrobe pop. I try to stick with a color that I have a lot of in different tops or dresses that I wear in the summer, or a color that goes with everything. 

 Fun Pattern Sandals
So these are amazing because not only are they the most comfortable pair of wedge heels I've ever owned, but I love the striped rope design on the heel. Everyone loves these and they go great with ANYTHING I wear.  

Neutral Wedge Heels
So a neutral color can go with almost anything and it's very important to have a pair of wedges like that.  Wedges are a great alternative to high heels in the summer, especially at an outdoor event like a wedding or picnic.  You can still walk around in them but you won't sink into the ground and you can show off your pedicure. 

Peep Toe Shoes
So whether they are flats  or wedges, peep toe shoes are perfect when you don't want to go completely bare at a formal event or maybe the weather is just getting a bit cool.  I love neutral colors and a denim pattern pair has been my go to for years now.  

Sexy pumps
So these may not be the most comfortable pair of heels in the world but they are sexy and I love them.  You never know when you may need these so I highly recommend every woman own at least one pair! 

No matter what summer shoe styles pique your interest, paying careful consideration to their support of your arches is of the utmost importance. Foot health cannot be neglected, and proper arch support is integral to making even long days more bearable. When making your next purchase, check reviews that combine style with comfort. One great place to look is The Good Feet Store Reviews, which offers expert insight on arch support among various shoe types, providing invaluable guidance when looking to mix fashion with function in summer footwear purchases.

Which of these do you own already? 


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  1. I don't wear a lot of sandals. Since I have to have close toe shoe at work.


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