The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Blonde Hair Wig

Thursday, July 20, 2023

The right blonde wig can instantly give you an air of glamour, sophistication, and confidence. But with so many different types, selecting the ideal one might take a lot of work.

Whether you're looking for a short pixie cut or long beachy waves, countless options suit every shape and style. It is why it's important to find a quality wig made from natural hair.


Whether you're just starting your wig journey or have been a wig wearer for some time, it's important to have a budget before shopping. Wigs range wildly in price and quality, making it intimidating for someone unfamiliar with choosing a wig.

The type of hair used will have the most effect on how much your wig will cost. Human blonde hair wigs are more expensive on average than synthetic ones, but they also have a more realistic appearance and feel, are more robust and adaptable, and are less likely to tangle.


The style you choose for your blonde human hair wig will make a huge difference in the look and feel of the wig. You want to find a look that matches your style and suits your face shape. A long straight bob will elongate your face and looks great with bangs. It's also easy to achieve and can be worn casually or formally.

Add a few layers to your hair or create soft waves with a curling iron for a more natural appearance. Then, add a few bobby pins or accessory clips to your wig for extra glamour.

You can also use a balayage technique to dye your wig blonde. It is a popular color trend that features a dark root that blends into a light blonde shade. It's a great choice for those with light skin tones and subtly contrasts your complexion and hair. You can also opt for a platinum blonde look for an edgy look that will turn heads.

Hair Type

Blonde wigs can look stunning when styled to compliment your natural texture and movement. For example, if you have thick and luxurious hair, opting for a blonde wig with loose waves will make it appear even more stunning. A straight or voluminous wig may work best for you with more wavy and curly hair.

When choosing a blonde wig, try to avoid using too many styling products that are heavy and oily on your hair. It can cause your wig to become greasy and dull looking over time. It's also important to use shampoos free of sulfates, as harsh chemicals can strip blonde hair of its color and damage it.

Most importantly, experiment with different parting options when wearing a blonde wig. A simple middle or side part can distinguish between your wig looking fake and a believable hair addition to your natural hair. Lace front human hair wigs are the perfect choice as they allow you to customize the direction of your part and give off a very natural appearance.

Hair Length

When you buy a wig, the length will be one of the most important factors. The length determines how it will fit on your head and how the hair will look. It also determines the style of your hair.

The right length can make your face appear slimmer and help frame your features. It can also make you look taller. However, the wrong length can make you look short and unattractive. Knowing your height and face shape is important before selecting the best wig length.

The most common lengths are medium and long. A medium wig is about 12 inches and can be worn in various styles, including straight and wavy hair. A long wig is about 16 inches and can be worn in various styles, including loose and deep waves and spiral curls. You can also choose a wig with bangs for a more natural look. Generally, wigs with curly hair are 1-2 inches shorter than straight wigs. It is due to how tightly the hair is coiled.

Hair Color

Throughout history, many women have chosen to dye their hair blonde for the sake of beauty. Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek ruins reveal that people used honey, elderberries, and white wine to a toxic mix of bird dung, sulfur, and quicklime to lift their tresses.

Today, wigs are available in a wide array of blonde shades, and you can choose the color that best suits your skin tone. You can even add subtle highlights or lowlights if you like. However, it is essential to choose a natural-looking shade and not go too light, as this can cause brittle or damaged hair.

If you decide to color your wig at home, following the product instructions carefully is important. Be sure to detangle the wig before you start and keep the developer away from the roots so you don't ruin the lace. Also, use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo, and conditioner between washes to maintain the color longer.

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