Fun Backyard Staycation Ideas

Monday, May 20, 2024


 Travel isn't easy for everyone. Some of us have pets, kids, jobs that require us to stay nearby the area at certain times, and other  responsibilities.  So instead of taking only long vacations throughout the year, I wanted to share some ways you can just enjoy a few days off or a long weekend with a staycation at your own home.

Get a Mini Pool
Get an inflatable pool and either invite friends over or just lounge around yourself.  Make yourself fancy frozen drinks and put your shades on (and sunscreen) and enjoy the water as you beat the heat without having to leave your own backyard. 
Backyard Picnic
Find a nice spot in your yard, set out a blanket, and pack finger sandwiches, different fruits and cheeses, some refreshing drinks, and any other snacks you enjoy and make it either a date night, a family meal, or get some neighbors together and enjoy your own yard and some delicious eats.  

Create a DIY Backyard Bar
There are tons of tutorials online to do this but even if you don't want a permanent one, you can simply rearrange your outdoor tables and make a mini drink menu.  Keep drink supplies in a bar cart (or make the entire bar cart a fun outdoor bar by adding straws, drink decor like umbrellas, etc.). 

Make a Lounge Area
Sometimes just some reclining chairs will do the trick but if you have trees or flat space in your yard, consider adding a hammock so you can actually take a nap outside or just lay back and enjoy a good book. 
Add Outdoor Games
Whether it's cornhole, a volleyball net, horseshoes, or any other kind of outdoor game you can install in your space, get it done and invite friends over for an afternoon of outdoor fun.  
These are just a few quick ways to enjoy a long weekend in your own yard.  What do you do for staycations?

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