Summer Date Ideas

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Date night can be fun no matter what time of year but when it's in the Summer, it opens up a bunch more options since it's easier to get outdoors and enjoy your significant other. So here are some Summer date ideas!

Outdoor Concerts
An outdoor concert is a great way to enjoy live music AND being outside in the Summer.  It doesn't have to be a big venue either, it can be a local winery that has an outdoor stage area or even an outdoor stadium.  Look around your area for upcoming concerts, even if it's just a concert in the park. 
A picnic is a great idea and can actually save you money rather than going out to a formal restaurant and paying for a meal.  You don't have to just sit on the grass either. Most public parks have benches and areas to sit and eat.  Consider going to a lake, river, or nearby beach area to set up a nice picnic for you and your partner. 
Summer is the season for festivals in almost every town in America so look for events like carnivals, chili cook offs, wine festivals, and more. 
Art Walks
You may have to search a bit but most cities and suburbs have art walks or even arts and crafts vendor festivals that can be a nice way to spend some time together and even do a little shopping. 
Trail Walks
You don't have to go on a crazy hike but even just a local scenic trail can be a nice way to spend the day together.  Get some great photos together and enjoy the beautiful scenery.   
Vineyard Tours
Tours of vineyards are always a fun way to explore your local area and maybe even a winery you have never been to.  In fact, a lot of wineries have formal events where you have to go to several different ones and check them off your list. 
There are so many more things to do in any given area so think creatively and start to look up things to do that are happening outdoors this Summer and start planning out your dates!

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