Guest Post: Organizing a Closet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Organizing a closet is the first step to a becoming a frugal fashionista. If you love frugal fashions but also love shopping at high-end malls, these are the wardrobe planning tips to save you money. Get miles of style with fashion ideas that won’t cost you your shirt!

Every frugal fashionista knows that going to the mall can be a little depressing when you’re on a tight budget. $100 jeans and $300 handbags are proof that many don’t mind the high cost of fashion.

If you enjoy the latest fashions, as I do, you know that the mall will have it. But without will-power and a clear plan of what you need, your day of “window shopping” can be a budget buster that you’ll be paying for months from now!

Here’s an idea: When you go to the mall, go with purpose.

I usually have something in mind that I need, or perhaps I go for a little “girl” time … coming home with nothing isn’t an option! So, what’s a frugal fashionista to do?

Before going to the mall, start by organizing your closet. The best time to go to the mall is after a deep cleaning closet organization extravaganza.

Organizing your closet before going to the mall is similar to eating before you go to the grocery store. If you’re famished in the grocery store, you’ll buy on impulse. What’s worse is that this extra food is usually junk food!

The same is true at the mall. If you’re starved for fashion, you’ll fill your bags with useless bobbles! So, organize your closet first.

The type of closet organization I’m talking about usually occurs at the change of the season when most clothing purchases occur.

Like many people, after Labor Day, I pull out my winter clothes and pack away my summer lot. The most important aspect of organizing a closet is taking a wardrobe planning inventory.

Wardrobe Planning Tips

A wardrobe inventory should contain a few key items:

1. A list of what you have; your basic items such as black skirts and blue suits.

2. A list of your lifestyle activities AND how many outfits you need for each activity. (i.e. If you golf often, you need more than one golf shirt. If you go to cocktail parties once a year, you only need one cocktail dress.)

3. A list of what items you need to purchase in order to have complete outfits for work and pleasure.

Organizing a Closet

First, I make note of all the wardrobe essentials I have and what I might need to replace for the coming season. I take photos on my Smartphone for reference when shopping.

Without this inventory, I might be tempted to buy a really cute black pencil skirt, when in fact; I already own a really cute black pencil skirt!

A good closet inventory reins me in because I can see what I already have and how little I really need!

Have you ever purchased a cocktail dress or business suit that sat in your closet with the tags on it? I have. I could have avoided this if I’d taken note of my wardrobe needs for my lifestyle.

Your lifestyle dictates your wardrobe planning needs. If you work from home, there’s no need to own 10 business suits. And if you’re in the office everyday, 10 pairs of jeans is simply too many.

Owning too many clothes can cost money in some hidden ways. The more crowded a closet, the more you’ll purchase. You end up buying clothes similar to what you already own simply because you can’t see what you have. This cosmic fashion joke propels unneeded purchases … the more you have, the more you need!

When organizing your closet, free yourself of clothing you don’t need: old bridesmaid dresses, decades-old suits, and maternity dresses you’ll never wear again are OUT! They’ll only hide the good stuff.

With your wardrobe inventory in hand, hit the mall. You can take note of what styles you like, but you don’t have to purchase them at retail prices … unless you feel you absolutely have too.

There are several online options for frugal fashions. Outlet and discount stores, and even vintage shops carry similar fashions that you find in high-end malls.

If you see a wonderful outfit on a mannequin, don’t be afraid to pull out that camera and take a snap shot. These photos will be helpful when hitting vintage clothing stores, and outlets.

You can also use your snap shots at home. See what pieces you already own that could be used as part of the outfit that inspires you. You may find that you already own similar clothing that could replicate the look with only an accessory or two.

The next time you leave the mall without shopping bags, you haven’t left empty handed! You’ll have inspiration for well thought-out wardrobe purchases when you come across a fashion deal. And, you’ll be a savvy shopper who knows what items to leave on the rack.

This article is by guest writer, Jennifer Scheffel. Jennifer writes on frugal living, the best grocery coupon websites, and saving money with coupons for Jennifer is also a guest writer for

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  1. What great information! Thanks for sharing, I know my closet is a mess most of the year.


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