I am soooo getting this Barbie Doll

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Release date scheduled for October 13th and this is totally mine!!!



  1. OMG, love this Ellen. And I love your blog, I'm a writer at mobwives.blogspot and use Barbie as my photo. You're blog is on my reader and just want to say how much I enjoy your posts.

  2. I have to know where this barbie info is for this one :) I heart this doll! Please share! :) Thanks

  3. That doll looks awesome!
    Hi, Im already a follower, stopping by from Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop! I would love to invite you to follow me, J'S REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
    Thanks so much! have a great day!

  4. Absolutely FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing :)
    Stopping by from SM Boost from That's What She Said.

  5. You know the girls will love the pink hair. She's adorable!

  6. it looks like you can get her on the barbie website as of 10/13! :)


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