Keeping Holidays Less Stressful for our Pets {{Interview with Cindy Wenger}}

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Holidays are a very hectic time for everyone which unfortunately makes it stressful for your pets as well.  When we take our pets to new homes, or travel with them in general we exose them to more risks then we even know of.  I for one have a dog that gets anxiety very easily.  So I was excited to get the oppurtunity to read up about Peaceable Kingdomwhich offers advice for pet owners on how to find and use holistic products to soothe our pets during the holidays.  I was super excited to get the chance to ask the founder, Cindy Wenger, a couple of questions! 

She stresses the importance of doing your own research about what is truly best for your own pet before making a decision about what they need. It's very important to read labels and know what ingredients are in products before you give them to your pet.   Peaceable Kingdom Essentials products are great for this because they are 100% organic and their label has all of the ingredients so it's easy to discover what's in it! 

For dogs like Grace, that get anxiety very easily, Cindy recommends the Peaceable Kingdom Essentials Paws a Moment remedy.  It is organic and contains things like oat flowers and olive oil.  It is great to use if you are having company over or if you are going to someone elses house for the holidays. 
About Peaceable Kingdom Essentials: At Peaceable Kingdom Essentials we are committed to providing the most effective natural products and herbal remedies possible for your pets. Herbalist-owned and operated, Peaceable Kingdom Essentials offers earth friendly, superior quality (100% USDA Certified Organic) tinctures and natural pet products as well as delicious herbal teas for people. For more on Peaceable Kingdom Essentials please visit Please friend us on Facebook:

* In rare cases, some herbs may interfere or react negatively with medications and other treatments. Be responsible. Consult with your vet before starting a new health regimen for your pets.

 And now here are some questions I asked Cindy!
Ask Away thanks Cindy for sharing this valuable information with it's readers!

1. What tips do you have for readers that are dealing with not only the stress of the holidays, but the stress of a new puppy?

*give your puppy a routine and he'll fit in- it also give the new pup a sense of security knowing what is happening and when
*teach your puppy and he'll respond and learn--be consistent- with the rules-don't confuse the puppy with inconsistency
*socialize your puppy and he'll be secure around people and other animals; *expose your puppy and he'll be comfortable regardless of what's around him.
be sure to provide him with a crate to serve as a safe place. It should be away from any hustle and bustle and food temptations.
stick to puppy food for the newcomer; table food, especially rich table food, is likely to upset his stomach.
make sure he gets outside to relieve himself in a timely fashion. Set an alarm if you need a reminder.
PUPPY PROOF your house: plants, electrical outlets/wires/Christmas lights, ornaments/ garland, keep dirty clothing in a hamper, put shoes away, etc.
don't let over-excited children give him grief.

2. What kind of situations do you recommend using Paws a Moment for?

P-A-M can be used for any situation that a pet is stressed about--thunderstorms, car rides or any other kind of traveling, animals that have been rescued, animals that were lost or missing and then found, vet/ groomer visits, traumatic situations----like Katrina or in a car accident--, dealing with a death of a owner/ or another animal buddy, introducing a new member of the family--baby/new pet, moving or relocating to a new place, ....whatever situations we find stressful our pets also can find stressful---you get the idea.

3. To readers that may not understand, how can you sum up the benefits of using herbal products for pets?

When used correctly, herbal medicine for pet care can can turn around the diminishing health of a sick or aging animal by:

Improving the functions of the body organs
Supporting overall body wellness
Strengthening the immune system

When available, animals have an innate ability to choose and eat wild herbs to prevent disease and promote healing.
Of course always seek advice from your vet before administering any type of medicine/product.

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