Ugg Boots... Guys hate em, Girls love em!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I don't own a pair myself, but I own boots similar, so everyone calls them Uggs anyways, but my point is...I love these boots!  And for some reason, guys always roll their eyes about it.  Maybe it's because their girlfriend's always make such a huge deal about them, maybe it's because they demand to have Uggs for Christmas, and no other brand... whatever it is... Uggs are hot! And they are great for the Fall/Winter season!

But did you know, Ugg Australia has more than just the typical signature boot.  Check out these hot styles below!!   While, these are very expensive, you can get inspired and search your local department store for cheaper yet similar styles!


  1. I like them but I think they look absolutely ridiculous with the booty shorts. I have never seen a woman wearing them that wasn't wearing shorts.

  2. I was not much of an Uggs fan. Flats in general actually. I am shorter so I liked that heels always elongated my legs. Well when I hit 7 months preggers with number 1 I was needing flats and warm shoes. I ended up with an off brand of Uggs. My husband actually does not hate them. However, those 3 you have posted are adorable., new follower. Have a great night!


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