Alicia Klein Media Pocket Review & *Giveaway* Ends 7/31

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alicia Klein is a company that offers handbags and travel bags that are luxurious and easy to bring along when travelling or just getting around from place to place on a daily basis.  Some of us feel like we are world travelers the way we run all over town for errands or for our jobs.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do that while looking fashionable and stylish still.  

One of their travel items is the Media Pocket.  It can be used for someone who is technology savvy, or for someone who just wants to keep coupons, bills, and receipts organized.  The great thing about the Media Pocket is that whatever you carry in it will be kept safe, and also away from inclement weather like pouring rain or a snow storm.  Whether it’s a camera or GPS, or just your passport and some money, the Media Pocket is roomy and easy to put inside any other bag.
I received a Media Pocket from Alicia Klein! Mine is pink, although it also comes in many other colors and designs.  I love how smooth it opens and closes.  It’s so soft and you can tell it’s made from high quality REAL leather.  Since I don’t ALWAYS bring my gigantic purse with me, I used the Media Pocket when I just wanted to bring cash, credit cards, a license, camera, and my phone with me.  Maybe it’s just into a store, or over to a friend’s house, but either way, I really loved this adorable little envelope!  It measures 7x5x1 inches, so it’s plenty big for anything you need to store in it! 

And stay tuned next month when I feature the Taxi Wallet!

One winner will receive a Media Pocket of their own!

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