Summer Bucket List: Phillies Game

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I stayed overnight in Philadelphia for a Phillies game.  The drive there wasn't too bad at all.  It was only about 2 hours.  The hotel we stayed at was the Holiday Inn Stadium.  It's actually next to the stadium so we didn't have to deal with parking and walking a long way.  Also, we got a free parking spot since we were staying at the hotel.  Unfortunately we picked the hottest day of the year so far for our stay, so it was about 105 degrees out on Saturday.  AHHH! That is SO HOT and sticky.  There was no point in me even doing my hair or wearing didn't!

I was super excited when we arrived, just because I like coming in to a crisp new room!  We hung out for a bit and went down to eat dinner at the hotel restaurant.  I had a cheesesteak of course and so did my boyfriend.   It was yummy and filled us up.

We went back up to the hotel room, changed, and headed to the game.  It was so sticky and gross that you literally were soaked from just standing still.  Right away we bought Phillies shirts so we could fit in with pretty much everyone else in the stadium.  Then we grabbed some Water Ice and food and found our seats.  We purchased our tickets a while ago so we got decent seats!  And we had a roof over us, YAY! 

Right before the game was supposed to start they covered the field with a huge tarp because some huge storm clouds were rolling in.  Then it got super windy. Then they made everyone (except people under the roof) move back because the storm was coming. The wind felt great and then it sprinkled rain for a few minutes and there was some amazing lightening!  It only lasted 30-40 minutes and it also cooled down, thank heavens!! 

Everyone found their seats and the game began.  Of course the Phillies were doing terrible this season so far so this game was no different but we still had a blast.  We couldn't stop laughing at the guys roaming up and down the bleacher stairs shouting ICE COLD BEER HERE!! Some of them were purposely being goofy. 

Isn't this a great pic?!
We also cracked up because everyone kept cheering CHOOCH for the one guy and it just sounded hilarious!!

 Right before the game ended, we headed back to the hotel. We were so excited to get back in the AC, but when we got to our room, it was still 76.  It had been 76 since 4 pm and it was now 10.  We had set it to go to 68 but obviously it wasn't working.  After two calls to the front desk, and two promises that they were sending a technician, we were getting annoyed.  it was almost midnight and Johnny can NOT sleep in the heat.  So Johnny decided to tell the front desk that his pregnant girlfriend (3 months along) was miserable and taking it out on him and he needed it fixed ASAP and of course it was only then that they gave us a new room.  Now, mind you I am NOT pregnant and I did not know that he was going to say that.  Needless to say, we got a new room, and I puffed my tummy out as we walked down the hall, hehe!

We slept in the chilly room and left early the next morning.  I was eager to get back to my pups that my were left at my parent's house. 

Last week Johnny received news that he would be traveling for work and he would be gone for a month (or maybe a little less) so the rest of the Summer Bucket List will be put on hold for a few weeks but August should be a packed and fun filled month for sure.  In the mean time I plan to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done and lounge a lot by my pool!!

Oh and in the hotel, I saw a TON of brochures for all kinds of cool things to do in PA.. so it looks like the Bucket List will keep going.. can you say Fall Bucket List?!

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