Hair Trend: Ombre Hair

Thursday, July 26, 2012

When you first read this, you might not even know what I'm talking about, but I promise you that you have seen Ombre hair before!!!  Khloe Kardashian is a prime example! Ombre hair is when your hair is dark on the top and light on the bottom, as if you were growing it out for many many months after dying it.  It's pretty much dark brown and light brown/dark blonde.

The beautiful thing about it is that if you have the right shades, you can do Ombre hair yourself simply by letting your hair grow out!! But you would have to have the exact right tones though so it's a good idea to have a professional look at your color and maybe alter it just a bit.  But at least you have a great start for it!

It's important, however, to match Ombre hair with your skin tone.  If you have fair skin it looks better with ashy and gentle blonde tones.  If you have dark skin, a deep red or copper will complement your skin and if you have medium skin tones, a luscious deep brown will be just right!

I like Ombre hair because it looks more natural and it complements skin tones.  I can't stand a hair color that makes your face look washed out.  Also, one thing about dark hair is that if you wear black, sometimes in pictures the hair color blends in with the dark clothing.  With Ombre hair, the dark will show on your head but on the long locks of your hair it will stand out against the dark clothing, as in the photo above.

Do you know anyone with Ombre hair or are you thinking of doing your hair this way?

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  1. I like it I'm getting my hair done next week maybe I'll do this instead of highlights


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