Puppies and Potty Training

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's very frustrating when you are trying to potty train your puppy, especially if it is a dog that will forever be going on pee pads.  I have small dogs (Chihuahuas) and that's their method of using the potty, so I had to work so hard in the beginning to ensure they would become properly potty trainer.  When it comes to an indoor dog bathroom, you have to check out the Puppy Apartment! It's literally like an apartment for your puppy and it helps teach them where to go.  There's a place for your puppy to sleep, and since dog will not use the bathroom in their bed, it teaches them to go on their pad, since really, where else do they have to go?  This can be used during the day, overnight, or whenever you aren't home.  Over time, your puppy can learn how to comprehend that the pee pad is for potty use!

This is great for crating a dog also, because if it has an accident inside the crate, it will be on the pad, and not all over in the bed.  It's important to be patient and invest a lot of time into potty training! Remember, puppies don't understand things like humans do!

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