I'm One of the 5 Finalists to win a Date with the Chevy Volt - Please vote!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh my gosh so i got home from work today and was TOTALLY STOKED to see several tweets mentioning my handle.  When I read them I learned that I was one of the 5 finalists in line to win a date with the Chevy Volt!! This is perfect for me and the whole reason I applied was because I really really really wanted to take the car on some travels with me to finish up my bucket list!

I am sitting here screaming every few minutes because I am so super duper thrilled! 

So can you guys do me a HUGE favor and go to this link and vote for me!!!! Ellen Ross of Ask Away!!

And share it with your friends as well!  It would mean so much to me!!!

Thank you guys!

If it wasn't for my readers I wouldn't have this blog, or the motivation to do my bucket list!!!


  1. Just voted!!! Newest follower via blog hop! Would love if you would follow back!?

  2. I just voted and you are WAAAAAAAAAY in the lead girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

  3. Just voted. You are ahead by far right now!

  4. voted! you have 65% good luck!

  5. Just voted! You are in the lead by over a 100 votes!
    Good Luck!


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